“Businesses must collaborate to survive” say UK enterprises

integration with suppliers will be key to success in 2002

LondonMore than 50% of medium-to-large enterprises believe collaborative commerce is vital to maintaining a competitive edge, according to research by SAP.

A survey of 125 UK companies revealed that integration with suppliers, partners and customers is a key area for investment over the next twelve months. Over 25% of those surveyed already have a collaborative commerce strategy in place and another 25% are looking to implement one in the near future.

More than 30% of respondents identified improving integration with suppliers as the primary driver for collaboration. 85% of these are currently looking at ways to integrate and automate procurement procedures with vendors.

“The key driver behind implementing integrated systems is the need to increase efficiency in the procurement processes,” said Peter Robertshaw, marketing director at SAP. “Collaboration is also a major focus for many companies looking to maximise customer retention.”

Uptake of collaborative commerce is slightly higher in the manufacturing industry than it is in the service sector. 28% of manufacturers surveyed had a collaborative commerce strategy in place compared to 24% in the services market.

“Supplier relationships have always been important in the manufacturing sector,” continued Robertshaw. “Most manufacturers rely on component parts from a network of suppliers and this can include companies from all parts of the globe. Maintaining an efficient and cohesive network is therefore vital.”