SAP UK launches off-the-shelf Packaged Services

pre-defined solutions reduce implementation times by up to 40%

LondonSAP UK has launched a suite of Packaged Services designed to help companies accelerate the implementation of mySAP software, and lower the cost.

This wide-range of industry-specific solutions give companies the option of buying any of SAP’s e-business software packages for a fixed price. By being able to accurately predict expenditure prior to implementation, companies can ensure that projects are completed within the budget available.

The range of Packaged Services was developed in conjunction with SAP’s Best Practice initiative, direct implementation experience and complementary software providers. Best Practice represents the cumulative experience of SAP’s partners. This helps to ensure that the lessons learnt implementing mySAP solutions in one sector are deployed in similar implementations elsewhere.

“Best Practice combined with our Packaged Services solutions will enable us to
pre-configure software for the specific requirements of individual vertical and
sub-vertical sectors,” said Mark Williams, business development manager at SAP UK. “The reduction in the time it takes to demonstrate and implement solutions is down by 10-40%, and consequently the cost is cut by up to 40%.”

The Packaged Services were designed by looking at average implementation times for specific solutions across vertical markets.

“By reviewing previous implementations, we have been able to design packages that will suit companies of a variety of sizes as well as being verticalised,” continued Williams. “In the current economic climate, companies of all types are keeping a close eye on the amount of expenditure in relation to ROI. Package Services allow them to implement the solutions they need, without having to deal with unexpected costs, downtime and disruption.”