Martin-Baker Aircraft reaches new heights

IT identified as key factor in sharing information

LondonMartin-Baker Aircraft (MBA), the world leader in ejection seat and escape system technology, has chosen SAP to help it meet the current challenges facing the industry.

These include global reductions in defence spending and the need to meet demanding and diverse requirements of Government authorities worldwide.

SAP partner, CIBER UK, implemented its certified Mid-Market SAP solution, mySAP All in One for Aerospace and Defence. The solution consists of a standard package, designed to meet the specific needs of the sector, and pre-packaged documentation and training materials. This ensures that it can be implemented quickly and efficiently, delivering a fast return
on investment.

MBA, a privately-run company, expects the SAP solution to support its strategic objectives of cost reduction, knowledge sharing and continuous improvement. By integrating systems so that data is keyed just once, operating costs will be reduced, and stock data and customer records will be better managed to increase revenues.

The SAP solution will also encourage Martin-Baker Aircraft staff to share knowledge and will give them the tools to automate and improve the quality of the management information they produce.

“The IT systems we have been using to date have been modified numerous times and are not appropriate to support the company’s growth,” said a spokesman at Martin-Baker Aircraft. “We chose SAP because of its track record in our sector and the fact that its solution best fitted our needs. CIBER UK was put forward as the preferred SAP supplier for Small and Medium Businesses in Aerospace and Defence, and we now have a very strong working partnership.”

“CIBER UK was confident from the outset that, based on our industry expertise, our understanding of Martin-Baker Aircraft’s business, and the significant effort that both companies have put into the project, we would be able to more than satisfy Martin-Baker’s business objectives,” said Alan Miller, CIBER UK SAP sales director. “The relationship between our companies has been characterised by real co-operation and partnership.”

“In such a competitive industry, it’s important that Martin-Baker has a tailored solution that will help differentiate itself and address industry issues,” said Tim Osman, head of Mid-Market solutions. “The All in One solution that CIBER UK has developed can be tailored to MBA’s needs, while giving a good return on investment in a short space of time.”

The first phase of the implementation will see the replacement of the existing applications across the business’ commercial and manufacturing operations and will go live in December 2002 with 380 users.

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About Martin-Baker Aircraft

MBA is the world leader in ejection seat and escape system technology. Perhaps best known for its ejector seats, the company provides a range of safety equipment to safeguard the aviator throughout the escape, survival, location and recovery phases. Customers include major aircraft manufacturers worldwide as well as the US Navy, the MOD and other major defence organisations. It is also involved in some major space contracts delivering substantial expertise in the fields of spacecraft entry, descent and landing systems, parachute recovery systems, spacecraft crew escape systems, mechanisms and pyrotechnics.

About SAP All in One for Aerospace and Defence

mySAP All in One for Aerospace and Defence is a certified SAP solution built by SAP Partner, CIBER UK. Certified mySAP All in One solutions deliver standard, pre-packaged functionality, relevant to the targeted business sector, together with pre-packaged documentation and training materials. mySAP All in One Aerospace and Defence comprises the core mySAP All in One for Sophisticated Engineering together with Value Packs for the Aerospace and Defence marketplace.