FG Wilson Chooses SAP for Online Dealership

Global Generating Set Manufacturer To Pilot Online Ordering Using mySAP CRM ™

DublinFG Wilson, one of the world’s largest generating set manufacturers, has selected mySAP CRM as its online dealership solution. The company, which employs 2,500 people across three sites in Northern Ireland, will initially roll out a pilot programme from October this year to selected members of its global network of 170 independent distribution dealerships. Following the pilot the company aims to commence a worldwide rollout across the network in January 2003.

Called “Gensets Online”, the site is solely for FG Wilson’s network of distribution dealers to configure generating sets (selecting from up to 128 options), price and order the sets online.

As Ted Jensen, Director of E-Business at FG Wilson explains “We needed to communicate better with our dealers and to improve the whole dealer process which was slow, inefficient and manual. The key for us was the need to have rules to prevent our dealers ordering impossible configurations and the Internet Pricing Configuration (IPC) module found in SAP proved to be the sophisticated solution we needed to put Gensets Online onto the internet.

“Our two major considerations were configuration and being able to feed orders directly into the system automatically. For us, using an SAP front end with an SAP back end made sense,” he added.

“FG Wilson’s own customers were looking for a premium, easy to use online ordering service,” said Fiona Walsh, CRM Business Development Manager, SAP Ireland. “Through our first hand knowledge of the organisation and how it does business, we were in a position to deliver a well-tailored solution that could bring its dealer ordering process up to date, quickly. We are looking forward to working with FG Wilson through the next stages of their e-business program with mySAP CRM.”