Aer Rianta Chooses mySAP Retail

mySAP Retail™ helps airline retailer get closer to customers to deliver improved services and savings

DublinSAP today announced that Aer Rianta one of the world’s leading airport retailers, with sales in excess of 600 million Euros, is running mySAP Retail in its Dublin, Cork and Shannon airports to gain fast access to improved information on the 8 million plus passengers who travel through Ireland’s three national terminals annually.

“Consumers will see benefits through product range reviews as it will enable us to have on the spot information on what works, what’s selling and what the customer really wants. We anticipate substantial savings through using mySAP Retail”, comments Brian Drain, Aer Rianta’s Retail Information and Systems Manager. “With more accurate information we can negotiate better deals with suppliers and with the upcoming introduction of the promotions module we will be better placed to make improved offers on the shop floor.”

Aer Rianta’s mySAP retail implementation has now been live at the three retail sites since late last year and already the benefits are apparent. As Brian Drain explains, “We have a three year strategic programme which includes the need to achieve efficiencies and consolidate our retail base. We needed a solution complementary to Aer Rianta’s ambitious growth plans for the future.

“We installed a POS (point of sale) system and at the same time sought mySAP Retail to maximise this. SAP integrates well and this was clearly of importance to us. The implementation has been a success and we have finished the planning stage cycle of configuring and implementing the merchandise assortment module –the main planning tool in SAP where the team has been very involved. To date SAP has helped us reach all our goals .”

The mySAP Retail solution handles merchandising and assortment planning, merchandise management, forecasting, replenishment, vendor and purchasing management, and distribution centre management giving Aer Rianta a strong customer-focussed and competitive edge.

Account Manager, Suzanne McClelland, SAP Ireland comments, “With growing competition from the high street following the abolition of duty free pricing, we worked alongside Aer Rianta to maximise the opportunity of growing numbers of passengers, who are increasingly selective in their purchasing decisions. There is a clear need to have accurate data on how customers spend and what their preferences are since Aer Rianta customers pass through at most on a semi-regular basis. SAP plays an important role in maximising the earning potential of Aer Rianta’s retail business as we assist them in developing a strategic solution to take advantage of which brands and ranges prove to be the most popular.”