SAP Introduces Mobile Classroom To Help Companies Save Time and Money on Training

Innovative technology benefits HP and others by personalising training and reducing employee time out of the office

LondonSAP UK and Ireland has announced the availability of the SAP Mobile Classroom as part of its comprehensive Education Services offering. With the Mobile Classroom, organisations can now benefit from innovative technology that enables training right at an organisation’s offices on preconfigured PCs connected directly to SAP training systems via the Internet. The programme helps reduce training costs and employee time out of the office while maximising the benefit of investments in SAP solutions.

HP is one of the first companies to benefit from the SAP Mobile Classroom. The company selected the Mobile Classroom to receive on-site training in the UK to more efficiently and effectively train project teams using their new SAP solution. HP used the Mobile Classroom programme at HP facilities in Glasgow for a Business Intelligence Reporting and Analysis Course.

“As we are always looking for innovative approaches to education, we wanted to expand the options that we were offering to make training more accessible for our customers,” said Lisa Clark, Education Services Director, SAP UK. “The Mobile Classroom will help companies quickly and easily get the skills they need to make sure projects are on track to be delivered on time, and help ensure they secure their return on investment from their SAP solution.”

SAP delivers the Mobile Classroom by taking the SAP training system to a remote location via the Internet using a secure connection method known as Virtual Private Networking (VPN). This means that all that is needed is an Internet connection with 600k of available bandwidth, which will provide sufficient capacity for the traffic backwards and forwards between the classroom and SAP. PCs are provided and each is configured ready to run SAP training so that the customer’s IT department does not have to find or hire spare PCs and configure them to access SAP. These machines are all linked together in the classroom using network cables and a device called a ‘hub’. By using the same software that SAP uses in its training centre, the instructor can demonstrate the system and show PowerPoint presentations to all the participants on their PC screens.

“This approach to education not only helps customers more efficiently use their SAP solution but also saves them time and money because it is on-site at their offices,” said Clark. “The customised SAP Mobile Classroom training programme can help companies overcome the traditional obstacles of getting access to training.”

SAP Mobile Classroom can provide nearly all courses available from SAP Educational Services. Standard or personalised courses can cover all the topics in a subject area specific to a company’s SAP implementation. Also available for project teams are interpersonal and change management training to help teams more effectively complete the SAP implementation and use the new solution.