SAP introduces Trade Promotion Management solution to plan, evaluate and execute against objectives

Innovative solution helps companies quantify and analyse success of promotions

LondonSAP UK has announced a new Trade Promotion Management solution within mySAP Consumer Products. It is a fully integrated solution to help organisations budget, execute, track and measure results from trade promotions.

The Trade Promotion Management solution addresses the strategic and operational challenges of this critical, yet notoriously unpredictable activity, from planning through to post activity analysis and review. The ‘design and modeling process’ analyses data, based on different promotional scenarios. These scenarios enable organisations to calculate and compare estimates in terms of projected shipment volume, incremental consumption and profitability.

The ability to respond quickly to customer and market demand is a critical element of successful trade promotions. The ‘campaign management’ functionality of the Trade Promotion solution addresses this need by automatically alerting the relevant sales or operational staff to sales actions, product launches, product campaigns and other developments. Promotional expenses can also be monitored as they are accrued allowing any necessary modifications to be made. Visibility of the process drives control, ensuring that the significant investment made in this area is controlled and focused.

“According to PricewaterhouseCoopers analysis, an estimated 15-25 per cent of UK consumer products companies’ turnover is spent on promotions, out of which only 10-20 per cent is profitable,” said David Telford, business development manager, Consumer Products, SAP UK. “Thanks to SAP’s Trade Promotion Management tool, organisations will have access to key information essential for measuring the effectiveness of promotions. The ability to plan and evaluate in the increasingly competitive environment of trade promotions is crucial. SAP’s Trade Promotion Management tool will empower organisations to do just that – accurately forecast their investment in promotional activity.”

mySAP Consumer Products offers the tools organisations need to create a more efficient enterprise that can deliver the products and services that consumers demand, and can adapt quickly to changing markets without losing control of costs. Integrating mySAP Business Suite cross-industry solutions, mySAP Consumer Products is a comprehensive solution that gives organisations the ability to meet the complex and evolving demands of their industry.

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