SAP UK Signs Up 18 Resellers To Introduce SAP Business One to Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Resellers Embrace SAP Business One For SMB Market

LondonAhead of the launch of SAP Business One, SAP UK today announced that it had signed eighteen new specialist resellers to provide small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) with the software and expertise to reduce time to market, enable them to get closer to customers, and achieve long-term profitable growth.

SAP Business One is specifically designed for SMBs and ensures that they benefit from seamlessly integrated operations and collaborative relationships with third parties. Business One also gives SMBs the ability to leverage its existing IT infrastructure and to achieve a very rapid implementation.

SAP is committed to continuing to strengthen its channel infrastructure. The new resellers have been selected for their established presence either in a particular geographical region or a vertical market where they have specialist software that can be integrated with SAP Business One. Software, support, and services also form part of the complete package that Sales and Service Partners (SSPs) will make available to their SAP Business One customers.

Tim Osman, Head of Small and Medium Sized Business for SAP UK said that “SMB customers want solutions that immediately impact its business positively and saving the customer money is the top priority. Today SMB customers can finally benefit from a SAP solution ensuring exceptional levels of functionality, reduce time to market, get closer to customers and achieve long term profitable growth. We are confident that the eighteen resellers that we will work with, will play a critical role in delivering business benefits to small and medium sized companies”

SAP’s new SMB resellers include: 1Onion, Azur, Codestone, Yuma, Digital Quills, Oryx, CGA. Intelligent Solutions, Scitec, Pinnacle, Serion, Sapphire, ISM, PCMS, Integretech, BCS, IIS and Harkins and Anderson.