SAP UK & Ireland Launches Software Specifically Designed to Give Small and Medium Businesses a Competitive Edge

Fifteen companies begin roll out of affordable, powerful solution that helps SMBs overcome intense pressures as smaller players in competitive markets

LondonSAP UK & Ireland today launched SAP® Business One, an affordable, easy-to-implement solution designed specifically for small and medium businesses (SMBs) with as few as 10 and up to 150 employees. The new solution is available immediately only through highly skilled and accredited SAP Business One Partners.

More than 15 companies in the UK and Ireland, including J&D Wilkie, an industrial textile and flag manufacturer based in Scotland, and the Society of Dyers and Colourists, a provider of information and products to the coloration industry based in Bradford, are already implementing the solution to increase efficiencies and improve relationships with customers, partners and suppliers. SAP Business One is the second SAP Solution for SMBs, complementing the existing mySAP All-in-One, which is generally implemented by companies with more than 150 employees.

SAP Business One is an off-the-shelf solution that can be implemented in as little as two weeks. It has been designed from the ground up to meet the specific challenges of SMBs and enable them to compete on equal footing with larger players in their industries. The new solution helps SMBs streamline operational and managerial processes, reduce time to market, get closer to customers and increase revenue by providing fully integrated financial and sales management capabilities. It is based on open standards and can be integrated with other systems to help companies make the most of their technology. SAP Business One is an ideal entry point for growing organisations considering using technology to achieve a competitive edge.

“4.3 million people equating to 55 per cent of the non-government workforce in the UK work in small and medium sized businesses,” said Tim Osman, Head of Small and Medium Sized Business for SAP UK. “These companies face intense business pressures, being the smaller players in highly competitive markets, and often have less margin for error than their larger counterparts. SAP Business One provides these companies the tools required to make critical decisions and successfully achieve long term profitable growth.”

“We have made the decision to join forces with SAP and a partner because of their reputation in the market, dedication to customer relations and strong industry specific functionality. We like that both their sales teams and senior level executives understand how we do business,” said Alan Downs, Financial Director J&D Wilkie. “SAP Business One is an affordable, easy-to-implement solution that will help us automate our business processes, increase internal efficiencies and provide us with better visibility of our accounting, reporting, logistics and sales force.”

SAP Business One has an award-winning Drag & Relate data navigation system which provides users with intuitive data access simply by highlighting and dragging pieces of information on the screen. It features an integrated sales force automation system for pipeline tracking, opportunity management, strategic selling, and contact management. Key functionalities also include comprehensive financial management, with multi-currency, budgeting, and bank reconciliation; a complete inventory management system, with kitting and multi-level price lists; and a comprehensive reporting module that allows easy access to any data. The solution automates many administrative and reporting processes so employees have more time to focus on revenue generating work.

SAP Business Partners who have geographic or industry specific expertise to help customers more quickly implement and benefit from SAP Business One include: 1Onion, Azur, Codestone, Yuma, Digital Quills, Oryx, CGA. Intelligent Solutions, Scitec, Pinnacle, Serion, Sapphire, ISM, PCMS, Integretech, BCS, IIS and Harkins and Anderson.

In addition to the UK, SAP Business One is currently available in thirteen countries and fourteen languages and has more than 1,300 customers worldwide.

About SAP Solutions for SMBs

SAP Solutions for SMBs provide small and medium businesses (SMBs) with affordable, easy-to-implement and scalable solutions to meet their technological needs. SAP Solutions for SMBs have a proven track record of helping companies across the globe enhance customer service, manage operations more efficiently and meet the unique needs of various industries. SAP offers partners two solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of SMBs: SAP® Business One, designed for smaller companies with less complex needs, and mySAP™ All-in-One, tailored solutions to meet the industry-specific needs of more sophisticated companies. More than 60 percent of SAP’s current installations are in the small and medium business market. More information available at