SAP Packaged Services Offer Quick and Simple Solution for Leading Manufacturer

Fixed priced solutions help MAN B&W Diesel Ltd boost efficiency and tighten IT integration across organisation

LondonMAN B&W Diesel Ltd, a leading supplier of large diesel engines, has selected two SAP Packaged Services to derive additional value from its overall SAP investment.

MAN B&W is currently implementing SAP Data Archiving and SAP Document Capture Packaged Services at three sites across the UK to further integrate and automate many business processes. SAP’s Packaged Services were evaluated against a number of competitors including Documentum.

SAP Packaged Services is a suite of off-the-shelf solutions offered at a fixed price and with a 30-day delivery guarantee. With no unexpected consulting or software costs, SAP Packaged Services is redefining the meaning of customer value and rapid deployment.

SAP R/3 is the primary system supporting the business processes within MAN B&W Diesel Ltd. The complimentary Packaged Services will integrate and automate processing within the SAP solution, reducing the overall administration and likelihood of error in filing, printing, approving and distributing invoices and other documents. The solutions will also reduce storage space and document maintenance, improve data security, increase the speed of data retrieval in the SAP solution, reduce time required to produce reports and support possible future legal requirements.

“The fixed delivery for SAP Packaged Services made them the right fit for us,” said MAN B&W Diesel Ltd’s SAP Technical Manager. “We had specific business objectives to reduce administration and costs in the organisation, and the SAP solution made that very easy by integrating quickly and flexibly into our existing technology.”

Simon Keay, Business Development Manager for SAP Packaged Services, commented, “MAN B&W Diesel Ltd has wisely leveraged the fixed software and consulting model of SAP Packaged Services to boost efficiency and tighten IT integration across the organisation. SAP Packaged Services is helping ensure that their solution controls cost, increases their competitive advantage and shows quick ROI.”