Carlsberg-Tetley creates central Human Resources Services Unit with SAP

LondonCarlsberg-Tetley, one of the largest brewers in the UK, announced today its recent implementation of mySAP Human Resources. This deployment was part of a company-wide consolidation programme, centralising a number of different HR offices and IT systems from various UK locations into one location, in Leeds.

Carlsberg-Tetley’s replaced its previous disparate systems, primarily based on Lotus Notes and UniPay, with mySAP HR. The key objective was to remove duplications and bring all data onto a consistent platform, automating procedures and reducing administrative and resourcing costs. A single HR Services Unit in Leeds has now been created for the company’s 2,800 staff, replacing the numerous UK wide HR facilities.

“Thanks to SAP, we have already seen an enormous improvement over our previous disparate systems. We now have transparency across the organisation,” said Maggie Caamano, Project Manager, Business Solutions Department, Carlsberg-Tetley. “We are also able to quickly view and incorporate HR data where necessary, whereas previously it would have taken a considerable length of time to extrapolate the data from various systems. This has succeeded in reducing manual labour tasks and, of course, costly and unnecessary duplications”

To improve overall organisational efficiency, Carlsberg-Tetley is using the Organisational Management and Time Management functionality of mySAP HR. Organisational Management supports activities in personnel cost planning, compensation management, employee development and recruitment, CRM and SEM. It also enables Carlsberg-Tetley to simulate, analyse, and experiment with potential organisational changes. The Time Management capability will help in the planning and managing of the working schedules of individual employees. This is particularly beneficial for planning for those on flexi-work, part-time or shift work schedules.

Further, Payroll is being used to manage pay processes and support all related regulatory requirements. And, in order to build employee skills profiles and accurately track career progressions, Carlsberg-Tetley is using Training and Employee Development. This will also enable a ‘skills inventory’ to be kept and automatically updated, thus easily identifying employees with specific skills within the organisation. Lastly, Carlsberg-Tetley is using Personnel Administration as a central repository for all employee data. This has the ability to be integrated with financial and logistics systems in future if appropriate.

“Carlsberg-Tetley identified HR as an area with a number of unnecessary, lengthy and costly duplications. They have been innovative in their approach to consolidating their HR – not only facilitating efficiencies in current operations, but by implementing a system that will grow with the organisation and create additional resource-saving opportunities in future.” said Andrew Lack, SAP Account Manager for Carlsberg-Tetley.