Welsh Water Reduces Waste and Inefficiency with SAP

SAP and LogicaCMG help utility manage £14 billion in assets at all of its sites in Wales and England

LondonWelsh Water, one of the largest providers of water supply and sewage services in England and Wales, has implemented mySAP Product Lifecycle Management (mySAP PLM), mySAP Enterprise Portal and mySAP Business Intelligence to gain a unified view of its asset data and better manage its £14 billion in assets. The new solution implemented by LogicaCMG and SAP Consulting across more than 30 sites will have 200 users and replaces a number of disparate legacy applications.

This business-critical solution will provide a solid infrastructure to the organisation’s operating assets comprising hundreds of impounding reservoirs, clean and waste water treatment works, service reservoirs, sewage pumping stations and a network of 26,800km of water mains. Welsh Water serves 1.2 million household customers and more than 110,000 business customers.

Managing the day-to-day operation as well as ongoing maintenance, upgrade and replacement of these assets is a difficult but essential task to ensuring consistent delivery of services to customers. With the Asset Management capabilities of mySAP PLM in conjunction with the Portal and Business Intelligence, Welsh Water and its business partners will benefit from a real time, integrated and customised view of all relevant asset data through their desktops, enabling them to access and analyse information easily and rapidly.

The SAP solution is also creating a single standardised platform and helping Welsh Water to adopt a more rigorous approach to process standardisation. By streamlining and automating management of its assets and having easy access to information, Welsh Water and its partners will be able to implement a company-wide maintenance strategy delivering efficiency and service improvements.

In order to unlock the full potential of the solutions, Welsh Water also engaged the review team of SAP Business Consulting Services Group who delivered reviews of the work done at two points during the project. The well timed assessments enabled the management team to mitigate any potential risk within the project and maximise the return on investment.

“We selected SAP due to the company’s understanding of business processes, its broad scope of products and its proven platform,” said Fraser Nairn, Head of IT at Welsh Water. “SAP and LogicaCMG are stable and trusted partners who are helping us to maximise our return on IT investment and achieve best run performance. Thanks to SAP and LogicaCMG, our staff will have the asset data they need at all times which is very important to us.”

“mySAP PLM helps companies achieve the lowest total cost of ownership by helping them determine the optimal time to upgrade or replace equipment,” said SAP account manager David Horne. “Welsh Water is defining itself as an industry leading utility and committed community partner by effectively tracking its assets to drive efficiencies across the company.”

Steve Burnett, managing director of LogicaCMG’s energy & utilities business said, “We are delighted to help Welsh Water benefit from its new technology solution. This successful implementation demonstrates our unique position as the ‘partner of choice’ for delivering mission-critical solutions for our clients in the utilities market.”

Welsh Water already uses mySAP Human Resources, mySAP Financials as well as SAP’s Procurement solution to improve efficiency across other parts of the organisation.