FG Wilson Succeeds with SAP Online Dealership

Awards follow as a result of successful go-live with mySAP Customer Relationship Management

LondonFG Wilson, the world’s 3rd largest power generator manufacturer, which employs 2,500 people across three sites in Northern Ireland, has successfully gone live with “Gensets Online”, an intuitive and user friendly website which uses mySAP Customer Relationship Management. This build-to-order online entry process has been developed specifically to streamline a complicated order procedure for their worldwide network of 170 distribution dealers. With a possible 128 options to configure from a portfolio of 75 products, this procedure which used to take a sales team up to two weeks has been reduced to minutes. The company produces 40,000 generator sets per year which range up to £1.2 million covering low-end domestic use, all the way up to high-end life saving facilities such as those used in third-world hospitals.

As Ted Jensen, Director of E-Business at FG Wilson explains “This has been excitedly embraced by our dealers with a massive gain for us in time saved on processing orders, allowing us to be more professional to our customers and to have more time to focus on marketing and selling. We have seen efficiency savings within a very short-time frame and it’s already contributed to an increase in orders. The site’s interoperability means that dealers can only configure power generators that can be built, so we have recorded significant reduction in dealer error. Internal order entry efficiency improvements of around 400% have been recorded and our order processing happens in real-time and is fed directly to the factory floor, improving effectiveness there also.”

In addition to being well received by the dealership, three of Europe’s most prestigious business accolades have been awarded to FG Wilson as a result of the new online dealership solution. The company was selected by Frost and Sullivan market analysts from 180 companies across Europe for its 2003 Award for Internet and E-Business Innovation. The UK Institute of Mechanical Engineers awarded them its overall award and the year has been capped with a win in the Northern Ireland Business Awards for Best Use of ICT in a Non IT Company for its Gensets Online site.

“This exemplifies how re-engineering a business using e-business capability can reap dividends. FG Wilson’s own customers were looking for a premium, easy to use online ordering service.” comments Suzanne McClelland, Account Manager, SAP Ireland. “Through our first hand knowledge of the organisation and how it does business, we were in a position to deliver a well-tailored solution that could bring its dealer ordering process up to date, quickly. We are looking forward to working with FG Wilson through the next stages of their e-business program with mySAP CRM.”

About FG Wilson
A pioneer in the industry for over 30 years, FG Wilson is a major global player in the provision of power generation solutions. Their reputation as a manufacturer of quality generating sets is backed by the number and diversity of global businesses that rely on them to support their power needs. The company employs 2,500 people across three sites in Northern Ireland in Larne, Monkstown and Springvale.