Kent Police Improves Efficiency and Effectiveness with SAP

mySAP Business Suite Replaces 11 Legacy Systems to Help Kent Police Streamline Complex Police Officer Scheduling as well as Payroll, Finance and Procurement Operations

London Kent Police, which serves more than 1.5 million residents, is now using a single, integrated SAP solution to manage operations such as human resources including duties management, competency & training management, operational resource planning, expenses, employee self service, payroll, recruitment and business intelligence as well as procurement and finance. All 6,000 employees are users of the new solution, which is part of a multi-million pound improvement programme with SAP to further enhance Kent Police’s position as a premier police force. Kent Police expects to reap significant cost savings and to improve the deployment of its resources with the new solution.

The roll-out of the Duties Management module of mySAP Business Suite marks the last phase of Kent Police’s staged implementation. Kent Police went live with Human Resources, Payroll, Finance, Employee Self Service and Procurement modules in April 2003, and then later last year went live with Personnel Development, Training, Expenses, Recruitment and Business Intelligence modules.

“We’ve conducted a staggered implementation to ensure a smooth transition from nearly a dozen systems to one integrated solution and effectively train our 6,000 staff,” said Simon Redman, Director of Financial Administration, Kent Police. “We are progressively getting greater visibility of our organisation and can match resources to the demands on the force thereby delivering efficient public services for our citizens.”

The SAP Duties Management system has begun to be rolled out and is designed to handle the complex scheduling of police officers, including their highly variable shift schedules, court appearances, training, holiday and short term and long term illness for parts of Kent Police.

Kent Police selected SAP because it felt the company best understood its vision and strategy to improve efficiency and effectiveness. SAP’s integrated solution, which allows the force to share information across the organisation, was judged most likely to achieve its challenging objectives and meet the tough return on investment criteria.

“Kent Police’s approach is an excellent example for other public sector organisations,” said Sean O’Brien, Account Manager, SAP UK. “By successfully implementing SAP’s complete enterprise solution, they can realise significant benefits. As a true partner with Kent Police, SAP commends their achievements as a model for other public service organisations. They are one of the leading UK organisations that have integrated technology that enables them to run a more efficient and effective operation.”