Smaller Irish businesses turning to SAP for growth

25 companies select SAP Business One to better manage their businesses and increase competitiveness

DublinIn the eighteen months since its launch in Ireland, 25 leading Irish SMBs (small to medium sized businesses ) including, Dairyglen, Entropic, Lighting Equipment Distributors, Proscon Engineering and Masterlink have selected SAP Business One, a solution specifically designed for small and medium businesses (SMBs). SAP Business One is an affordable, easy-to-use solution that helps both emerging and established businesses streamline their operational and managerial processes and gain better control of their business. SAP Business One is distributed in Ireland by partners Irish International Sales, providing cost-effective solutions that can be up and running quickly.

According to Barbara Weiner, Head of SMB for SAP UK and Ireland. “Ireland’s 172,000 small businesses with their entrepreneurial spirit have been the bedrock of Ireland’s business growth and new found economic strength. Accounting for over 60% of total turnover and 66% of Irish employment, as the global economy picks up steam, companies are increasingly turning to technology to underpin growth. SAP’s proven business solutions and vertical expertise, enables SMBs to compete effectively against companies of all sizes and emerge as their industries’ new leaders.”

According to Marc O’Dwyer of Irish International Sales, “These companies face intense business pressures, being the smaller players in highly competitive markets, and often have less margin for error than their larger counterparts. SAP Business One provides these companies the tools required to make critical decisions and successfully achieve long term profitable growth.”

Dairyglen, which markets and distributes its own brand of long-life ice cream and distributes Evian mineral water across Ireland and the UK, has a €2.5 million annual turnover. The group which employs 15 people, invested in the SAP software to support the processes required for expansion. According to Director, Philip Delaney, “SAP Business One provides good reporting procedures with a level of analysis that enables us to gauge which routes and product lines are profitable at a glance. SAP Business One has delivered all the benefits we hoped for with extremely strong support from IIS.”

SAP Business One is an off-the-shelf solution that supports companies with as few as ten and as many as several hundred employees and can be implemented in as little as two weeks. The new solution helps SMBs streamline their operational and managerial processes, reduce time to market, get closer to customers and increase revenue by providing fully integrated financial and sales management capabilities. It is based on open standards and can be integrated with other systems to help companies make the most of their technology. In addition to Ireland, SAP Business One, available in 24 languages, has more than 2,700 customers and 450 business partners worldwide.