SAP Business One Continues to Drive Growth for Irish Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Five companies in first quarter of 2005 select SAP Business One to better manage their businesses and increase competitiveness

DublinLeading Irish small and medium businesses (SMBs) continue to select SAP Business One to drive down costs and enhance their productivity with five companies purchasing the solution in Q1 of 2005. This brings to over 30 the number of SMBs in Ireland who are using SAP Business One.

SAP Business One is an affordable, easy-to-use solution that helps both emerging and established businesses streamline their operational and managerial processes and gain better control of their business. SAP Business One is distributed in Ireland by SAP partner Irish International Sales, providing cost-effective solutions that can be up-and-running in a matter of weeks.

Companies to purchase SAP Business One in Q1 2005 were AH Anderson, Commercial Wireless, Lumitech, Mediclean/Fleming Medical, and SF Engineering.

AH Anderson is a tool distributor with very high stock volumes. SAP Business One gives it the visibility and clarity of information it requires to keep on top of re-order levels and streamlines the day-to-day operational aspects of moving large amounts of stock in and out of its warehouse.

Commercial Wireless is one of Ireland’s largest independent business-to-business mobile phone distributors with the result that it has very complicated commission and claw back structures coupled with a need to track IMEI numbers/serial numbers. Commercial Wireless needed a system that would automate the commission calculation for sales people while also calculating the clawback due to it from the network providers. This procedure is currently done in a semi manual way and does leave room for error. SAP Business One will ensure accuracy efficiency and provide the company with a platform for future growth.

Lumitech is a business-to-business provider of lighting solutions. As a start-up company, it has placed a significant emphasis on having its IT infrastructure set-up correctly from its launch in order to effectively support the business. Lumitech’s wish in phase two of its business plan is to automate the Web sales side of its business with Praxis, which will automatically update its stock and journals in SAP Business One, as well as provide it with an opportunity to sell to consumers on-line.

Limerick company Mediclean/Fleming Medical previously used an outdated back office system. But with huge growth in the past number of years that will be sustained for the foreseeable future, Mediclean needed to implement a fully functional system that would track customer information through integrated CRM to order processing, depletion of stock, and planning. Reporting on this information is vital for the business so it can cope with future growth. Mediclean saw the potential in SAP Business One to meet all its present and future requirements due to the vast investment in R&D that SAP has allocated for SAP Business One.

Sligo company SF Engineering manufactures ducting and conveyor belt systems. Each order is a new project and up to now it has been using a myriad of systems to track everything from stock to labour used on a job. By utilising SDK (Software Developers Kit) and user-defined fields, SAP Business One has given it one complete system to cater for all its business processes and help drive its business forward.

According to Phil Codd, Managing Director, SAP Ireland, “The SMB sector is the bedrock of Ireland’s economic success, but it has been finding it difficult to remain competitive in recent years as business costs rise. SAP’s proven business solutions and vertical expertise, enables SMBs to compete effectively against companies of all sizes and emerge as their industries’ new leaders.”

Marc O’Dwyer of Irish International Sales commented, “These companies face intense business pressures, being the small players in highly competitive markets, and often have less margin for error than their larger counterparts. SAP Business One provides SMBs with the tools required to make critical decisions and successfully achieve long-term profitable growth.”

SAP Business One is an off-the-shelf solution that supports companies with as few as ten and as many as several hundred employees and can be implemented in as little as two weeks. The new solution helps SMBs streamline their operational and managerial processes, reduce time to market, get closer to customers and increase revenue by providing fully integrated financial and sales management capabilities. It is based on open standards and can be integrated with other systems to help companies make the most of their technology. In addition to Ireland, SAP Business One is available in 24 languages, has more than 6,000 customers and 850 business partners worldwide.