Herefordshire Council implements SAP to modernise ICT operations

Local authority partners with LogicaCMG to implement SAP solution to innovate business processes and manage costs

LondonHerefordshire Council has recently successfully completed the implementation of an SAP solution to improve efficiency and effectively manage internal business processes and costs across a wide array of ICT operations.

The project was managed jointly between Herefordshire and LogicaCMG. Herefordshire handled the change management activities itself and engaged with LogicaCMG to implement mySAP Business Suite. The key objectives of the project were to streamline and integrate the Council’s ICT Services Division’s business processes for Helpdesk, Finance, Project Management, Procurement, Asset Management and Time Recording. In addition an e-Procurement solution based on mySAP Supplier Relationship Management (mySAP SRM) software for all ICT related purchases was rolled-out across all Council Directorates.

Local authorities face increasing pressure from government targets to streamline their operations. Key to the selection of the SAP solution for Herefordshire was its ability to automate and integrate previously discrete ICT processes in key business areas, in particular the integration of the Helpdesk with ICT back office functions. Additionally, it provides easily accessible, accurate and timely information to improve decision making, facilitate cost reduction and improve service and performance levels. It also provides a single point of data input with easily accessible, accurate, reliable and current information. The solution is highly scalable and has been designed to meet the evolving demands of the organisation.

The initial implementation services 100 users in Herefordshire’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) unit covering Helpdesk, Technical Desktop and Network Support, ICT Equipment Procurement, Time Recording & Billing, and Project Management. Additionally, 1,700 more users across the Council have access to: a) the e-Procurement Catalogue to create shopping carts in order to commence the procurement process and b) an e-Notification process for raising ICT service requests.

“Herefordshire selected SAP and LogicaCMG through a rigorous and competitive process with the goal of improving the performance of the organisation by adopting the best business practices embedded in the software,” said Julie Holmes, Head of Service, Corporate and Customer Services. “We are using SAP as a platform to innovate our organisation by providing a quality service to internal employees, enabling them in turn to provide an improved service to the citizens of Herefordshire.”

“Herefordshire joins more than 40 visionary local authorities across the country who are using SAP solutions to improve the way they operate,” said Phil Bradbury, Account Manager, SAP UK. “SAP is helping the Council not only meet today’s requirements, but also is providing strategic options for the future by giving the Council a path forward to innovating operations.”

“The implementation was completed in less than 5 months, which is an impressive feat, and achieved largely through the close working relationship we have with Herefordshire. The strong delivery team, working within LogicaCMG proven Local Government Framework methodology, has demonstrated yet another successful outcome for a LogicaCMG client,” said Phil Gooch, Client Director, Public Sector, LogicaCMG. “Herefordshire is a very forward looking council and have been excellent to work with throughout, and we look forward to working with them to realise further benefits as our partnership develops.”

Timescales & Approach

The Herefordshire project commenced on 28th February 2005 following the selection and appointment of the Business Team Leaders. The Business Blueprint was completed and approved on 24th March 2005 and the subsequent Realisation phase concluded in mid June, allowing the Final Preparation phase to complete in late July, with the Go Live occurring on Monday 1st August 2005. A period of only five months from Kick-off to Go Live for a project with a scope of this complexity and a user base approaching 2,000 staff is exceptional.

The Project Methodology was based on an amalgam of Prince 2 and SAP’s AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) approaches, with many templates and key documents being drawn from LogicaCMG’s extensive library of project documentation.

“This project has demonstrated that by careful selection of empowered key business individuals, a strong and vigorous project board, the engagement of an experienced implementation partner, the choice of robust and flexible software, a concise project methodology and most importantly, a ‘can do’ attitude throughout the project team, it is possible to successfully deliver a relatively complex solution into a local authority in a very rapid timeframe,” said Julie Holmes.