Activa Healthcare Recovers Visibility of £2million in Lost Revenue with SAP® BusinessObjects™ Edge Business Intelligence Software

SAP NEWSBYTESAP (UK) Limited today announces that it is helping another UK business run better with the success of SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) Solutions at healthcare company, Activa Healthcare. Founded in 1998, Activa Healthcare specialises in compression hosiery for circulatory and lymphatic health. Since it was founded, the company has grown quickly and in 2008 it assumed distribution of additional product lines in a merger with industry giant Lohmann & Rauscher International. Today, the organisation has 90 employees.

The fast growth of the company meant that the home grown systems that the company was operating were bursting at the seams and the back office infrastructure would often be out of service for one reason or another.

Activa’s IT Manager, James Turner said “For a company that was intent on telling its customers the truth about products, the lack of a single version of the truth about operations became embarrassing.”

Turner set about putting systems in place that would better support the business; virtualised servers, risk management and customer relationship management systems. However, cross functional reporting remained unreliable, mostly because sales information was sourced from Activa’s eight major distributors in separate silos. For a while, it had been possible to summarise nearly 100 spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel, but when sales began to generate nearly 330,000 new lines of data per month, that technology was inadequate. Activa set about investing in SAP BusinessObjects BI solution to help resolve these issues.

“The user base at Activa was not technology savvy, so it was imperative that the Business Intelligence solution was easy to use. SAP BusinessObjects was ideal for our needs and was implemented within eight weeks via SAP Gold partner IT Performs Ltd. The flexibility of the team there was crucial to the success of this project and we’re really pleased with the outcome.”

Since the go live, Activa has seen benefits: a standard set of 190 reports now run in roughly one hour from an original three days and the company has also recovered visibility of £2 million of lost revenue in just a few days.

“The results of the implementation have been quite simply, astonishing,” concluded Turner.

Meet with Activa today at SAP UK World Tour and hear more about the benefits they have seen with SAP BusinessObjects Edge Business Intelligence.

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