SuccessFactors enables focus on growth at SSP, technology provider for global insurance and financial services industries

SAP NEWSBYTESuccessFactors, an SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) Company, today announced that SSP, the leading provider of technology solutions to global insurance and financial services organisations, has implemented an integrated suite of SuccessFactors solutions, including Performance & Goals, Recruiting, and SAP Jam.

Despite sustained tight IT budgets, SSP has continued to experience growing demand for its specialist software for the insurance and financial services industries. Whilst positive, this growth had the potential to create inefficiencies within the organisation. SSP had a clear desire to better align its people with its corporate priorities to ensure that it maintained its reputation within the general insurance sector. As Clare Bates, HR and Transformation Director at SSP, noted “To execute our growth strategy as a company, we needed to improve the sharing of knowledge within the company; grow our talent base and utilise technology to help us maximise the potential of our workforce. SuccessFactors is playing a key part in helping us do this.”

SuccessFactors worked with partner Aasonn to start the transformation by implementing SuccessFactors Performance & Goals. The system enables managers to cascade annual organisational objectives down through the business, improving the speed and effectiveness of core talent management processes, while focusing the whole organisation on the same targets. SSP has also revamped its recruitment process to minimise manual tasks and maximise strategic involvement by the HR team.

As SSP continues to add to its workforce, the company will keep its people connected on SAP Jam, rather than building the costly intranet it had planned. “SAP Jam lets us skip the intranet phase and go straight to social collaboration as our mode of communication,” said Bates. “That will help us remove barriers between people and share knowledge freely as we continue to expand our operations around the globe.”

“We are excited to be partnering with a market leader like SSP to help them retain their competitive advantage through the deployment of innovative cloud applications that solve real problems. While traditionally HR applications have been confined to backend processes, used effectively they can deliver significant strategic value to the business and promote growth,” concluded James Reid, UK and Ireland Managing Director, SuccessFactors, an SAP Company.

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