SAP Supports British And Irish Start-Ups Driving HR Innovation With StartupSelect

LONDON For the second year in a row, SAP will be supporting twelve European start-ups for a period of three months, as part of the StartupSelect HR initiative. These start-ups will implement the latest SAP SuccessFactors HR solution and have access to valuable insights and expertise.

The initiative aims to highlight the most innovative HR start-ups identified by SAP, facilitate their technical integration and allow their customers to easily access the innovative services of these startups. Two of the 12 start-ups are British brand TheJobPost and Irish brand Sonru; both disrupting the HR & recruitment sector, changing the way companies approach recruitment.

In addition to being integrated into SAP SuccessFactors, the start-ups will receive invaluable benefits, including attendance at the launch event in Paris attended by 40+ customers. The companies will also have access to a series of 12 webinars helping them maximise the benefits of SAP SuccessFactors, as well as SAP experts, helping them to integrate efficiently.

Célia Laforêt, Head of StartupSelect HR Europe, SAP, explains: “We are very proud to welcome this new promotion to SAP. Digital technology, new generations and fresh ways of working are changing the world of human resources. Employees are looking for new experiences and companies are constantly looking for innovations to meet their talent acquisition, development and retention needs. Through this program we go further than integrating these start-ups into our solutions, we open up the field of possibilities for our customers who are looking for new ideas and do not want to be limited by technology.”

The global recruitment agency market is now worth around £400bn, with more than 169,000 agencies. TheJobPost is a global recruitment agency marketplace, connecting employers with around 20,000 specialist recruitment agencies across 13 countries, with over £250m worth of fees posted on their platform. The ultimate aim of the platform is to connect employers and agencies with less friction, enhancing performance and boosting productivity.

John Paul Caffery, CEO & Founder of TheJobPost comments: “Our partnership with SAP will enable us to integrate with SuccessFactors and provide employers globally with the huge benefits of using our technology.”

Sonru, based in Ireland, is the trusted global leader and pioneer of automated online video interviewing for screening candidates. It aims to allow its customers to meet the best candidates earlier in the recruitment process, assess their personality, drive, motivation and their fit to the company whilst saving time and money.

“Our new SAP partnership reflects the increasing number of customers that are turning to Sonru to optimise their screening and interviewing process,” said Edward Hendrick, Founder & CEO of Sonru. “Joint customers are enjoying greater benefits, not just from a time and cost saving perspective, but also in improved candidate selection. Becoming an official SAP partner gives our customers confidence that the integration of Sonru’s video interviewing technology with SAP’s SuccessFactors is functionally sound and performs as tested.”

The full list of 12 selected start-ups can be found here

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