With the “Cold Chain Management Solution” (CCMS) based on the SAP Business Technology Platform, Fusion Consulting is setting new standards in the monitoring and securing of essential cold chain processes in the life science industry.

The Swiss company Fusion Consulting AG offers companies comprehensive solutions for their digital transformation in the life science industry. With in-depth SAP expertise and comprehensive business and process know-how, Fusion Consulting is distinguished by its strong presence in over 25 locations worldwide and a team of more than 400 dedicated employees.

Fusion Consulting AG offers an innovative solution for reliably and precisely monitoring cold chain processes – which is of great importance for many reasons. The “Cold Chain Management Solution (CCMS)” is based on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) and demonstrates a concrete application use case for the technology platform,  showing the innovations that companies can achieve in cooperation with SAP.

“Fusion Consulting’s ‘Cold Chain Management Solution’, supported by SAP BTP, is revolutionizing cold chain monitoring, which is essential for safety and efficacy in the Life Sciences industry.” Fares Zaier, Chief Revenue Officer at Fusion Consulting.

Continuity along the cold chain: The be-all and end-all in the life sciences industry

Ensuring product integrity plays an outstanding role in the life sciences industry. It is of the utmost importance to guarantee product safety and compliance with the legal requirements of the respective country or region. In particular, for life-saving medicines, biologics, vaccines and other medical products that are temperature-sensitive, continuous and correct controlled storage must be ensured.

Another important aspect is ensuring patient safety. Temperature fluctuations during storage or transport can impair the effectiveness of medical products, which can lead to reduced or even harmful effects when administered to patients. The interruption of the cold chain leads to significant financial losses for manufacturers and buyers, as temperature fluctuations can lead to product spoilage. Additionally, maintaining consistent temperature conditions throughout the entire cold chain is crucial for ensuring the effectiveness and safety of cold chain products.

Furthermore, many bioscience products are distributed worldwide, often in regions with different climatic conditions and infrastructure challenges, which makes it considerably more difficult to maintain consistent cold chain and controlled storage conditions.  Finally, compliance with cold chain requirements is closely monitored and checked by government authorities and regulatory agencies.

Reliable cold chains with SAP BTP

Fusion builds its “Cold Chain Management Solution” on SAP BTP, underlining the many different application possibilities of the technology platform. Fusion’s solution aims to ensure temperature monitoring along the various cooling zones of the entire cold chain. The integration of the cooling zone temperature is carried out by SAP.

“In a world where the integrity of life-saving medicines and vaccines depends on an uninterrupted cold chain, Fusion Consulting’s ‘Cold Chain Management Solution’ represents a revolutionary breakthrough. With the power of the SAP Business Technology Platform, this solution guarantees seamless monitoring and securing of the cold chain – a critical factor for product effectiveness and patient safety in the life sciences industry,” says Fares Zaier, Chief Revenue Officer at Fusion Consulting.

Before the introduction of the “Cold Chain Management Solution”, the tracking of “Time out of Refrigeration” (TOR), which is necessary for cold chains, was based on manual and paper-based processes. This meant a high workload and time expenditure, as well as an increased error rate. With the use of SAP, the tracking of TOR is made possible digitally and in real time across the entire supply chain genealogy. This allows errors to be recognised immediately and product spoilage to be significantly reduced. TOR tracking is based on various sensors and RFIDs (radio-frequency identification), a technology for automatically identifying and locating objects using radio waves.

The cooperation with SAP and the design of the “Cold Chain Management Solution” on SAP BTP brings many strategic advantages. For example, the alignment of the system with SAP’s Clean Core strategy, the use of modern, expandable cloud technologies, and the robust, integrated, and secure functions for data management and CCMS governance.

Modern SAP cloud technologies provide a solid foundation for scalability, availability, performance and elasticity for the CCMS solution. Through SAP BTP, it is also possible to use integrated artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and analytics.

“Cold Chain Management Solution” for the life science industry

The “Cold Chain Management Solution” is based on SAP BTP and ensures the effectiveness of products through continuous monitoring and control of temperature conditions. At the same time, it reports temperature deviations in real time. On the one hand, this increases patient safety by minimising the risk of temperature deviations and thus ensuring the safety and effectiveness of medical products. On the other hand, legal regulations can be complied with thanks to the complete traceability of data for Time Out of Controlled Storage (TOCS). The TOCS data is collected at every stage of the manufacturing and supply chain process.

“Fusion Cold Chain Management Solution” offers even more outstanding advantages including:

  • Real-time analysis minimising product loss and waste.
  • Intelligent alerts based on recorded TOCS and process data.
  • Optimisation of cold chain processes and the automation of temperature monitoring tasks leading to increased operational efficiency

SAP BTP: Innovative Solutions for Your Industry

SAP BTP is an innovative platform that is specifically optimised for cloud-based SAP applications. It combines data and analytics, artificial intelligence, application development, automation, and integration in a unified environment. With SAP BTP, companies can personalise their SAP applications and adapt them to their individual needs.