Utilities: Shining the Light on the Smart Grid – Part 2

Radiocasts | August 1, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

Utilities. They may have new smart meter technology, but how “smart” are they about the massive data they can now read and its value to the consumer? Our experts weigh in.

Cobb EMC’s Roque Marinho: “With the smart meter being part of operations…utilities have to cope with the fact that there is no turning back on the ‘quantum leap’ on the multitude of reads.”

Ovum’s Stuart Ravens: “Smartness begins and ends with analyzing the vast volumes of data created in a smart grid deployment.”

Smart Grid Library’s Christine Hertzog: “There’s not much research about how much consumers really understand about who might touch their energy consumption data (nor what it’s worth) when third parties are involved.”

SAP’s James McClelland: “A whole new area of service will be created, providing energy efficiency to the consumer. How far inside of the meter do you want outside companies to have automatic access to adjust your energy consumption? Depending on the type of customer you are, I think the answer will be, ‘It depends.’”

Join us for Utilities: Shining the light on the smart grid.

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