A Valentine’s Day Postmortem: Retailers We Love to Love

Radiocasts | February 15, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

Valentine’s Day: Love it if you receive the perfect gift. Hate it if you don’t know what gift to give or where to find it.

If you’re the latter, it’s not all your fault, says Adrian Drury at Ovum: “You may not know what to buy your loved one, but your retailer does.”

In addition to being a romance game-changer holiday, February 14 also poses a double-edge relationship sword for retailers. How? Fail to help a consumer express their love, and that consumer will not love your brand.

Why is this so difficult? Because of a sea change of customer buying behavior, says SAP’s Jon Wurfl. Consider the 37% of PriceGrabber Valentine’s Day Shopping Survey respondents who shop online or via mobile phone or tablet. Add the factors of gender, age, generational and ethnic preferences of each customer, plus brand reputation word-of-mouth on social media – and you can appreciate a retailer’s formidable challenge!

If you’re a retailer who aspires to author Becky Carroll’s gold standard – the “Customers Rock” company – pour a cup of Joe, Earl, or OJ and join us for a Valentine’s Day Postmortem: Retailers We Love to Love.

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