Your Social Selling Journey and Change Management

Radiocasts | January 24, 2017 by Bonnie D. Graham

The buzz: “To thrive in this new age of hyper-change and growing uncertainty, it is now an imperative to learn a new competency — how to accurately anticipate the future.” (Dan Burrus)

The fear of the unknown makes change very difficult for most of us, especially when it impacts our personal income and/or business success.

If your organization embarks on a Social Selling journey, it will dramatically transform how Sales interacts with your customers, like it or not.

Is change management among the best practices that can help expedite and smooth the transition?

The experts speak.             

Kirsten Boileau, SAP: “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” (Irish Proverb)

Barbara Giamanco, Social Centered Selling: “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” (George Bernard Shaw)

Kurt Shaver, The Sales Foundry: “What’s the ROI of your mother?” (Gary “Vee” Vaynerchuk)

Join us for Your Social Selling Journey and Change Management.

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