SAP NOW 2020: The Intelligent Enterprise: Run Your Business at Its Best


About SAP NOW 2020

The Intelligent Enterprise: Run Your Business at Its Best

In good times and challenging ones, all businesses have the same goal, to run at their best. An intelligent enterprise strategy is the key to delivering the best possible results, unlocking new sources of growth, and leading in your industry. Whether you’re looking to
reimagine your business or adapt to the demands of the new economy, start here.

From thought leaders to industry and solution experts , together with our customers we explore what it means to be an intelligent enterprise today and through recovery into the next economy. Find out why the intelligent enterprise strategy is the right strategy for today, tomorrow, and for the long-term.

Reasons to Attend

• FEEL the power of the intelligent enterprise: Arm your business with the insights needed to get ahead in the experience economy – and stay there.
• LISTEN to the voice of experience : Hear how our best-run customers are reinventing their businesses – digitally and emotionally. Share experiences and best practices. And find the inspiration and innovation to reimagine your own business
• SEE your business through the eyes of your customers : Open your eyes to how your customers are really feeling. Discover SAP’s formula for a stand-out customer experience: Operational data (O-data) plus experience data (X-data) equal deeper insights – and experiences that really mean something.
• TOUCH the heart of your business – Your people :Discover how SAP solutions are bringing meaning to the employee experience. See your people as individuals. Understand what makes them tick. And empower them to add value – in the most positive and personal way possible.
• TASTE the future of technology :Get a front-row seat to the future of technology and discover what it means for your business. Explore the opportunities and challenges.
• And find out how to get your business ready – with the help of SAP.

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