HR CONNECT: Change Work for Good

Courtyard Hotel, Waterfall City, South Africa

28th March 2023 – 09:00h

This event is more than just a technology initiative, it’s a cultural shift bringing together people, data, and processes to improve the employee experience and maintain competitiveness in a digital-first world, where technology is only the enabler.

SAP customers and Future of Work Experts will join to discuss what the office of the future will look like: what are the latest HR tech trends, HR digital readiness in the region, the opportunities and challenges around People Sustainability, and what does all that mean for HR as a function, employees as users and the organization culture?

Our event will help you discover how HR technology will provide more realistic, immersive and personal digital experiences, learning, hiring and collaboration in the future.

  • What is the future of work?
  • How do we as an organisation drive key business outcomes through people sustainability?
  • How do we create a resilient and sustainable workplace?
  • What are the latest HR tech trends?
  • HR digital readiness in the region
  • The value ofhaving the right partner by your side to guide you into the Future of Work.