Exploring how to be more future-proof

Evolve quickly or get left behind. That’s everyone’s reality today. Which is why, once a year, we bring our global community together to connect and share knowledge. At the SAP Sapphire event in Barcelona we will:

  • Discover what’s already working, understand what organizations need today, and explore what’s ready for you to help solve the challenges in front of you
  • Immerse attendees in trusted expertise and proven innovation that can help you achieve greater agility, transform your business, and unlock the potential in your people
  • Brainstorm ideas, build relationships, and network with your peers by attending customer-to-customer connect sessions
  • Learn how to future-proof your business and stay ahead of the next change coming your way

Please watch the SAP EMEA South page for press releases and articles, and register for the virtual sessions here: https://sap.to/61108Olwts