Mon travail ? C’est le prolongement de ma passion et… ça fait une différence pour les entreprises.

J’ai trois passions : ma famille, le sport et… les données. Chaque jour, j’analyse presque tout, dans ma vie privée et au travail. Quand je cours ou je fais du vélo, je suis chaque étape de mes performances. Qu’est-ce qui s’est bien passé ? Comment puis-je aller encore plus loin la prochaine fois ? Toutes ces données me permettent de voir comment j’évolue et quelles mesures je dois prendre pour m’améliorer. Et… pour devenir encore plus rapide, plus forte et plus saine. Il en va de même pour les entreprises.

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As a data architect, I can extend my passion in my job. By defining how data will be stored, integrated, managed and stored, I literally can ‘help’ companies to get stronger and healthier. For me, data is a core asset. It can bring huge value, but there is a catch. It could also lead to wrong insights. When data is of bad quality, siloed, not accessible or not managed correctly – it can lead to inconsistencies, bad information and therefore to the wrong decisions and actions.

A solid modern data architecture that is governed, secure and agile will support growth of companies and create competitive advantages. Building this data architecture is not easy and that’s when our team comes in the picture. Companies typically have a very dispersed landscape: many different transactional systems that are a source of data, systems in the cloud or on-premise, several data warehouses, data lakes etc. The real challenge is to bring all this together in one modern data warehouse strategy. To get there, we set up workshops so that we can determine what a company exactly needs and how to get there. In this stage of creating a roadmap, we often work together with an SAP partner who knows the company and its architecture. Based on that roadmap, we then can decide which solutions will be the best for the customer.

Some people think that data architects are hidden somewhere in an ivory tower. The opposite is true. We talk to customers and we know them. Our job results in providing clarity about every aspect of data, enabling us – and our customers – to work in an efficient way with trusted data and to solve complex business problems.

Analytics and data maturity support growth. And that’s not just me saying this. Different international studies* show that e.g. 92% of the companies with well-established analytics practices have seen revenue growth of 15% or more over the last 3 years. Especially in these challenging times, data is key for survival and why not, growth. With such significant contribution, it’s clear why I’m so passioned about data, no?

Check out one of the video’s I made on how SAP solutions can help companies become better, faster and stronger: Connect Live to SAP S/4HANA and SAP BW/4HANA with SAP Analytics Cloud

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