SAP embarks on a journey to bring the latest technologies to Indian businesses, give them a first-hand experience of the transformative power of the cloud, and inspire the student community to upskill digitally.

As India sets its target on a US$5 trillion economy, technology continues to fuel the growth of a digital India. With the government focused on nurturing an innovation ecosystem through Atmanirbhar Bharat, businesses are exploring technology transformation and digitalization to take advantage of market opportunities, build resilience, and drive new growth. To support the movement, SAP is launching an initiative to bring cutting-edge technologies to the doorstep of business owners in various parts of the country.

Transformation Express: Powering a Digital India

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Transformation Express: Powering a Digital India

Designed as an outreach, the program aims to connect businesses, their aspirations, and India’s ambitions with groundbreaking technological solutions. The Transformation Express will touch major business hubs across India to demonstrate the potential of future-ready innovations.

Transformation Express: SAP’s Experiential Outreach

Combining live and interactive product demos, a virtual reality showcase, and informative Q&A sessions, the Transformation Express provides a holistic view of emerging technologies and cloud solutions to help Indian midmarket businesses unlock the next chapter of their growth.

Some of the benefits being outlined for businesses that embrace technology transformation:

  1. Becoming more competitive and staying ahead
  2. Reducing costs and increasing profits sustainably
  3. Growing and utilizing the increased opportunities
  4. Expanding production and scaling up operations
  5. Driving overall improvements in operating efficiency

5 Key Highlights of the Experience

The Transformation Express offers business owners a chance to keep the digital momentum going as they look to transform their business processes, facilitate growth and increase market share. Here are some of the salient features of this initiative:

  1. Join the movement to power a digital India and the vision of a US$5 trillion economy.
  2. Learn how digital technologies are propelling business transformation, and be future-ready.
  3. Experience the disruptive power of cloud, VR and drone solutions, and drive innovation at scale.
  4. Be part of SAP’s efforts to boost digital upskilling for youth and foster sustainability.
  5. Network with peers and engage in inspiring conversations around digital transformation.

Empowering the Leaders of Tomorrow

As part of the Transformation Express journey, SAP also plans to visit college campuses in the country, giving the students a glimpse of state-of-the-art technologies, opening their minds to the possibilities that technology can unlock, and helping them get job-ready.

The Transformation Express by SAP aims to connect people, businesses and India’s soaring ambitions. A one-of-a-kind initiative to bring cutting edge technologies to empower Indian businesses.

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