Sharaf Group Partners with SAP SuccessFactors to Enhance Employee HR Experience

Sharaf Group, a leading conglomerate with diversified business interests in the UAE, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with SAP SuccessFactors, a global leader in human resources management solutions. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the employee HR experience within the group by leveraging innovative technology and advanced HR practices.

From left to right: Dominic Theonse, Account Director, SAP UAE, Somaya Abdulkarim, Director of Human Resources at Sharaf Group, Ali Jumaily, Chief Information Officer at Sharaf Group, Emile Seferian, Director, Core Industries, SAP UAE

As organizations continue to adapt to the evolving business landscape, Sharaf Group recognizes the importance of investing in cutting-edge HR solutions to attract, engage, and retain top talent. By partnering with SAP SuccessFactors, an industry leader renowned for its expertise in digital HR transformation, Sharaf Group is committed to providing a world-class employee experience across its various subsidiaries and entities.

The partnership with SAP SuccessFactors will enable Sharaf Group to streamline and optimize its HR processes, allowing for greater efficiency and accuracy in managing the employee lifecycle. Through this partnership, Sharaf Group aims to empower its workforce, ensuring they have the necessary tools and resources to thrive in their roles. By leveraging SAP SuccessFactors’ advanced analytics capabilities, the group will gain valuable insights into employee engagement levels, and talent potential, enabling data-driven decision-making for strategic workforce planning.

“We are thrilled to partner with SAP SuccessFactors in our quest to transform the HR experience for our employees,” said Somaya Abdulkarim. Human Resources Director at Sharaf Group. “This collaboration will enable us to adopt best-in-class HR practices and cutting-edge technology, ensuring our employees feel supported, engaged, and empowered throughout their journey with Sharaf Group.” said Ali Jumaily, Chief Information Officer at Sharaf Group.

“Sharaf Group’s decision to partner with SAP SuccessFactors highlights a major advancement in their commitment to elevate the HR experience for their employees. The integration of our advanced solutions will streamline their HR operations, optimize efficiency, and equip their workforce with the necessary tools and resources. Additionally, the ability to leverage data-driven insights will enable strategic workforce planning. This collaboration underscores Sharaf Group’s dedication to being an employer of choice in the UAE,” said Zakaria Haltout, Managing Director, SAP UAE.

With this strategic partnership, Sharaf Group reaffirms its commitment to being an employer of choice, placing employee well-being and growth at the heart of its operations. By embracing digital transformation in HR, the group aims to create an inclusive, agile, and future-ready workforce that drives business success.