SAP Announces Successful Deployment of Q-Chem’s Digital Transformation with SAP Cloud Solutions

Qatari petrochemical manufacturer and global technology company worked closely with implementation partner IBM Consulting on digital transformation, with data hosted on Microsoft Azure

Doha, Qatar — 20 February, 2024SAP (NYSE: SAP), a global technology company, announced today the successful deployment of RISE with SAP at Qatar Chemical Company Limited (Q-Chem). This significant milestone marks the culmination of Q-Chem’s digital transformation journey, which is part of a comprehensive group-wide digital transformation strategy aimed at supporting its ongoing sustainability efforts.

Key advantages of this technological milestone include heightened visibility across all operational facets, facilitating enhanced control, real-time insights, and informed, data-driven decision-making.

Alaa Jaber, Managing Director for SAP Qatar and Fast Growth Markets, commended Q-Chem’s leadership in the petrochemical industry and highlighted the benefits of transitioning to the cloud. “By embracing SAP solutions and cloud technology, Q-Chem will gain greater operational efficiencies through data analytics and business process automation, all while aligning with Qatar’s 2030 National Vision and positioning itself for continued success.”

To accelerate its move to the cloud and ensure business continuity during the process, Q-Chem adopted RISE with SAP, led by expertise of IBM Consulting. SAP and IBM Consulting teams worked closely on a digital transformation roadmap to migrate existing industry-tailored SAP solutions to the cloud while replacing the existing SAP enterprise resource planning on-premises solution with S/4HANA private cloud edition.

Bill Farrell, Managing Partner at IBM Consulting in MEA added, “Together with SAP, we take immense pride in leading Qatar Chemical Company’s transformative journey toward digital excellence. Working collaboratively on the system migration for Q-Chem, our joint efforts have been dedicated to achieving a seamless transition, empowering Q-Chem to navigate the future with increased flexibility and operational prowess. This collaboration exemplifies our dedication to driving technological evolution and contributing to Q-Chem’s industry leadership and success.”

Q-Chem’s adoption of cloud-based operations further enhances its agility, enabling rapid responses to market dynamics and reinforcing a resilient supply chain. The automatic updates facilitated by the RISE with SAP contract empower Q-Chem to harness cutting-edge technologies, including AI and automation capabilities, while effectively monitoring and managing environmental impact and sustainability goals. This strategic shift underscores Q-Chem’s commitment to technological innovation and operational excellence.