Discover how the Intelligent Enterprise Insitute can broaden your company's horizon

Discover how the Intelligent Enterprise Institute can help your company

Does your company realize the optimum business value out of your SAP landscape? The intelligent Enterprise Institute can help! 

A lot of companies don’t utilize all the capabilities that SAP has to offer. The result is that most of you do not realize the full potential value of their software. SAP envisions an intelligent enterprise where all capabilities are used in an optimal way for the company that uses the software.  

To make this vision a reality, SAP has founded the Intelligent Enterprise Institute, which will provide tailor-made solutions intended to help business owners. This can help with for example, improving data quality, optimizing business processes, increasing customer happiness, reducing emissions and increasing sustainability. Transitioning to an intelligent business will improve your company’s bottom line, and increase profitability. Check it out and read about how we can help your company.  

“SAP has founded the Intelligent Enterprise Institute, which will provide tailor-made support intended to help business owners get the most out of their SAP landscape” 

What areas does the Intelligent Enterprise Institute cover? 

The Intelligent Enterprise Institute offers expertise in: 

  1. Data Management 
  2. Business Process improvements 
  3. Experience management  
  4. Sustainability 

These four areas are called labs and will be further explained in this blog.

How can the Data Lab help you? 

The Data Lab focuses on helping with all data issues, challenges, or pain points. Whether this is about having low data quality, gaining revenue out of big data by realizing new business models, or using data for hyper-personalized customer targeting, the Data Lab can support it all.

Companies want to become more and more data driven, however the benefits can be quickly negated by low data quality. In the USA alone bad data costs companies 3.1 trillion dollars according to a Harvard Business Review article. This is of course a huge amount, and it can happen to anyone. As an example, high data quality allows for better targeting of relevant customers in the correct buying phases to achieve a higher conversion rate or establishing a solid data management framework to ensure that data is kept clean. To help you achieve higher data quality we have developed an approach named the Business Optimalization Outcome Methodology (BOOM) where through workshops solutions are developed for your business. 

Data can also be used as a source of revenue; we all know companies like Google and Facebook who achieve massive gains from data. But did you know that Amazon has the 3rd biggest revenue when it comes to data and advertising? Amazon has only started creating value out of data since 2017, however it is now its fastest growing revenue segment within the company.  

The Journey to the Intelligent Enterprise

How can the Process Lab help you? 

The Process Lab focuses on all business processes within a company. This can consist of optimizing the supply chain with your suppliers or consumers, but also processes related to finance and HR. 

To help improve these business processes, SAP has incorporated new intelligent technologies like Machine Learning (ML), Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (IRPA), Blockchain, Situation Handlings and the Internet of Things. For example, the Machine Learning algorithm can support the forecasting of project costs based for running projects based on historic projects. It indicates a message in case of an expected financial project budget overrun.

Currently there are already more than 100 of these intelligent use cases available. It speaks for itself that over the coming year additional use cases will be added. All the above-mentioned intelligent technologies can improve business processes significantly and therefore create tangible financial benefits quickly. The Process Lab can support with assessments, ideation and inspiration as well as using Proof of Concepts for innovative use cases.  

For ideation the Process Lab uses the BOOM methodology. 
For assessments the Process Lab makes use of SAP tools like Process Insights and Signavio. 

How can the Experience Lab help you? 

You hear the words experience and customer experience a lot lately. The Experience Lab covers all the experience management topics in all the main Intelligent Enterprise areas (this includes experiences of the customer, employee, supplier, partner, product, system, and end-users).  

For example, for your web shop you know how many people abandoned their purchase while they had already put a product in their shopping cart. But do you know why people abandoned it? The Customer Experience lab can help you find out. 

The lab can also help you with your experience management strategy, enablement, architecture and roadmap. With Experience Management for IT Transformations, we manage the User Experience to ensure project success during IT transformation projects by leveraging Qualtrics. In the Experience Lab we are also able to perform Business Outcome Optimization sessions to do prototyping and of course proof of concepts. 

How can the Sustainability Lab help you? 

Right now sustainability is on everyone’s mind, and has become a very strategic topic for most of the boardrooms. With increasing climate change impact, it is imperative that companies find a way to increase sustainability. As enabler SAP offers the Sustainability Service Package and a comprehensive Sustainability portfolio, core to SAP’s strategy and vision of the Intelligent Enterprise. Since sustainability is a journey and not a destination, the Sustainability Lab guides our customers with a customized approach that includes different phases adjusted for our customers’ needs. The aim of the lab is to help you to achieve zero waste, zero inequality and zero emissions, while making sustainability profitable and profit sustainable. This is what the sustainability lab can offer you. 

“Make sustainability profitable and profit sustainable” 

How does the Intelligent Enterprise Institute work? 

As previously mentioned, the Intelligent Enterprise Institute consists of four labs, with all their own specializations. These four labs all fit very well together and complement each other. This means that the labs can be combined to fit for your personal needs. For example, if you want to increase your business data quality but also customer experience, then these two labs will work together and create a solution. However, if you want to use all four or maybe just one of the labs then this is also possible. The service is tailored to your needs.  

As previously mentioned, there are 4 areas in the form of labs that the Institute focuses on. You can use the labs individually for your needs but also in conjunction. Generally, it is advantageous to use the labs together as they complement and benefit each other. However, you can indicate which labs you want to use as the service is tailored to your needs.  

When you have chosen the labs in the alignment meeting. Your company will be assessed and explored to find potential opportunities for improvement. If you have specific issues you want to have fixed within your company, we will also explore potential solutions for these issues in this meeting. Then if you are interested, we will start scheduling workshops with representatives of your business. where we will address and create solutions with you for your problems. These workshops are made specifically for your issues and company, as this has had the best results in the past. After the workshops, a prototype solution could be realized for your challenges. 

If you also want to optimize your business and get the most out of your SAP landscape, please contact us, You can also contact us via your Technical Quality Manager (TQM),  who is in charge of your max attention contract.

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