Nestlé transforms customer experience with one-stop shop

SAP Commerce Cloud offers complete insight into orders and administration

Nestlé improves the customer experience with a global platform based on SAP Commerce Cloud. The business customers of the international food company now have insight into their orders, invoices and delivery information in real time. Telephone contact is no longer necessary.

With the new platform, Nestlé responds to the ‘Consumerization of Commerce’. Nestlé’s business customers such as retailers, wholesalers, supermarkets and distributors can now place and track orders, and pay invoices more easily and quickly.

Unified one-stop shop

Previously, Nestlé customers asked questions about orders and invoices to a designated customer service representative. This sometimes resulted in long waiting times, possible unavailability and delays in the order process. Based on SAP Commerce Cloud, Nestlé therefore developed a unified one-stop shop which helps customers with everything that is order related. “It all comes together on our new portal,” said Pablo Nill, Sr. Product Group Manager Customer Service Information Technology at Nestlé.

“Our customers are constantly innovating and transforming,” continues Nill. “As consumers, they are used to making digital purchases and working with digital tools. It was therefore a logical choice for us to offer our customers the same customer experience, otherwise they easily switch between suppliers. As a company you should be aware of this. For customers in different countries and for the various labels we offer, we have therefore created one platform with an overarching look and feel.”

Where Nestlé customers were previously bound by customer service office hours, they can now choose a time that suits them, for example to view or change orders. The portal saves them time and offers more flexibility and transparency. With this insight, they can also purchase products for the best possible price, keep track of orders and ensure optimal supplies for their store shelves.

More efficient internal processes

Nestlé has been using SAP Commerce (formally Hybris) since 2015, and added additional functionality to the portal after discussions with SAP. “It was a live process in which we had a continuous focus on the customer, and we were therefore able to fully optimize the portal within two years,” explains Nill. “SAP supported and guided us very well in the process.”

The switch to a customer-oriented focus and improved customer experience has resulted in great benefits for both customers and the food company itself. For example, Nestlé is no longer solely dependent on its ERP system internally. First everything had to be arranged within the ERP system, and the current SAP Commerce Cloud architecture makes it possible to make easier connections and is not bound to the IT system.

The IT system has become much more flexible, which means that processes run more smoothly and there is a better overview of current activities. In addition, an efficiency improvement has been made because customer service employees no longer have to enter every telephone order and question manually. The customers can arrange all this themselves via the portal. This allows the customer service team to fully focus on the more complex customer questions. Or employees will work extra hard supporting Sales force teams.

Sustainable business

Nestlé is also taking steps in the field of sustainable business with the new platform. “The entire invoicing process is now digital, and therefore paperless. In addition, we now have better and more complete insight into, orders, deliveries and transport,” concludes Nill.

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