5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs the SAP Customer Evolution Kit

Feeling lost in the world of SAP modernization? You are not the only one. But know SAP is here to help you with free programs that are designed to help existing SAP customers like you leverage the latest technology to transform your business into a sustainable and intelligent powerhouse. For example with our SAP Customer Evolution Kit. Here are 5 compelling reasons why you should register today:

1. Find Your “Why” and Craft a Winning Strategy:

Confused about the benefits of modernizing your SAP landscape? The SAP Customer Evolution Kit provides personalized consultations with SAP experts to clarify your specific goals and business needs. These sessions will help you understand how SAP Cloud solutions can empower your company and unlock its full potential.

2. Fast-Track Your Value Assessment:

Don’t have time for lengthy evaluations? The SAP Customer Evolution Kit offers a streamlined approach. Through dedicated sessions, you’ll gain a clear picture of the potential value SAP Cloud solutions hold for your organization, all within a short timeframe of 5 days. This allows you to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

3. One-Stop Shop for Digital Transformation:

The SAP Customer Evolution Kit caters to your entire SAP ecosystem. Whether you’re considering a shift from traditional ERP to the cloud-based Cloud ERP, revamping your HR with SAP SuccessFactors, or streamlining procurement with ARIBA, the program has you covered. Additionally, the integration of Business Technology Platform (BTP) in every scenario ensures a holistic approach to your digital transformation journey combined with AI.

4. Build a Compelling Business Case (For Free!):

The SAP Customer Evolution Kit empowers you beyond just identifying opportunities. It equips you with actionable insights and concrete recommendations tailored to your unique strategic objectives and business priorities. This allows you to construct a data-driven business case for transformation, paving the way for a successful upgrade, completely free of charge.

5. Find the Perfect Fit, Even if it’s Not the Kit:

The SAP Customer Evolution Kit prioritizes your specific needs. If, after exploring the program, it’s determined not to be the optimal solution for your situation, SAP won’t leave you hanging. They’ll work collaboratively with you to identify the most suitable approach for your specific digital transformation goals.

Don’t wait any longer! Take advantage of this complimentary program and embark on your journey towards an intelligent and sustainable future.



Register for the SAP Customer Evolution Kit Engagement today: https://webinars.sap.com/customer-evolution-kit/en/saps4hana