“Definitely a SAPPHIRE with milestone news”

The response from our 200 leaders from our Nordic & Baltic customers on site at SAPPHIRE Barcelona reveals: the innovations SAP presented around sustainability, business AI and industry exchange are exactly the bigger leaps company leaders now need to future-proof their companies. A big thank you to all our customers and special kudos to the company leaders who shared with the audience how they are continuously and forcefully transforming their business for greater resilience and sustainability through SAP technology.

So what’s the essence of the SAP news? Here’s my summary for you:

Humans DO business, AI helps RUN it – we bring down the AI hype to benefit people and companies, because we embed it in processes and workflows to achieve measurable outcomes. SAP AI is built in, relevant and responsible to highest standards. Imagine a personal assistant that helps you and your teams with almost any task across applications in your daily professional life.

Real sustainability progress needs real data – we now leap from estimated averages to actuals. Great news, because this enables companies to get a green ledger in place. Built into SAP’s RISE and GROW offerings, company leaders can manage their green line with as much visibility, accuracy and confidence as their top line and bottom line. A new start for leaders to manage full ESG 1-3 scope emissions on all levels at any point in time! Goody on top: it gives a head-start on rapidly changing regulatory requirements and rising stakeholder pressure. Imagine hitting the sustainability accelerator for your company!

In industry connectedness we trust – we expand how industry players can interconnect for insights and immediate business value. Examples: In SAP Business Network for Industry, we fuse the benefits of networked supply chains with SAP expertise to help customers across diverse industries extract value quickly. In SAP Sustainability Data Exchange, we enable industries to securely exchange standardized sustainability data, including product footprints, along the value chain. Imagine becoming a member of industry-specific networks where you impact lives to the better in your value chain and progress decarbonization at the same time!

2023 comes with many good reasons to feel confident again about the future of businesses and how technology is making the world run better. As Nordic companies are often in the lead when it comes to innovating by technology, we at SAP Nordic & Baltic, together with our skilled partners, are your go-to-contact to bring your business to the next level.

Look out for our next local opportunities to experience our milestone technology first-hand or reach out to us already today!