Midsize companies are the growth engines of the future. But while they incubate the innovations and novel ideas that will change our world, they also struggle with many of the same business pressures as their larger counterparts. Midmarket leaders need flexible, agile tools to effectively manage their businesses and take them to the next level in an ever-changing, fiercely competitive, and often unpredictable market.

What we consistently hear is that a growing company needs the ability to scale without increasing costs and complexity. The last few years have also clearly shown how crucial agility is to any company’s success. In other words: growth cannot come at the expense of agility, and vice versa.

Whether a company has simply reached a point where its current technology or systems aren’t keeping up, or it has made a fundamental business model change — for example by shifting from selling products to selling a subscription service — at some stage, companies find they need to pivot to a more scalable and more capable solution. That is when they turn to cloud ERP.

SAP understands what it takes to help customers realize value from adopting cloud ERP. Based on our highly successful RISE with SAP offering, SAP is now launching a new offering for midsize customers to harness the proven benefits of cloud ERP: GROW with SAP.

GROW with SAP: Adopt cloud ERP with speed, predictability, and continuous innovation

GROW with SAP: Adopt cloud ERP with speed, predictability, and continuous innovation

Designed specifically to help midsize companies take full advantage of cloud ERP and all the benefits that cloud solutions offer, GROW with SAP gives customers the confidence that they will be up and running quickly with technology that allows them to keep growing effectively and efficiently.

For more than 50 years, SAP has worked hand in hand with customers across every industry to benchmark and define best-in-class industry-specific processes. With GROW with SAP, companies can immediately adopt these pre-configured, industry best practices, while embedded AI and automation capabilities enable customers to see rapid results in time and cost efficiency, not just effectiveness.

Every company has unique differentiators that cloud ERP can support. With GROW with SAP, we provide a business technology platform where customers can define their own apps and processes in a cloud-native way. Together with our partners, we have built thousands of unique processes for customers that work with SAP’s cloud ERP. And because we recognize that business experts know their business process needs best, we also enable them to create unique processes and create the solutions they need without having to write code.

Businesses require the agility to add new products, services, and customers — and they need a technology solution that can keep pace with their development. As a company that already supports the world’s largest enterprises, at SAP, we know that our cloud ERP can scale to support even the most extensive product lines, complex service offerings, and ambitious sustainability goals.

The GROW with SAP offering also features services and tools to streamline delivery at a fixed rate that delivers a technical go-live in as little as four to six weeks and gives customers the assurance of the rapid time to value they need. Midsize customers adopting GROW with SAP also have access to a global community of experts and free learning resources designed to ensure they see meaningful business results.

When it comes to exploring the options for an ERP system, it’s just as important to consider where you want your business to be as where it is today. And while GROW with SAP is tailored to the immediate needs of midmarket companies, it also provides the agility and innovation midsize companies need for success in years to come.

Today’s cloud ERP is designed for the growth companies, and we are excited to watch a new set of customers GROW with SAP.

Christian Klein is CEO and a member of the Executive Board of SAP SE.

GROW with SAP Brings Proven Cloud ERP Benefits to Midsize Customers