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SAP and Viva con Agua: “All for Water – Water for All”

March 22, 2018 by Andrea Diederichs Hot Story

Feature Article — For Viva con Agua, the Barchecker app is more than just a sales tool. It gives power to the people to really make an impact...

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On the Tigers’ Trail

Feature Article — Follow an SAP employee through the rainforests of Southeast Asia. “Everybody out, please!” Not for the first time on this strenuous drive through the forest,...

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1 day ago by Corinna Machmeier

Staffing Industry Analysts Names SAP Fieldglass President to List of Top Leaders in Workforce Solutions

Newsbyte — WALLDORF — SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announced that Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), the global advisor on staffing and workforce solutions, has named Rob Brimm, president...

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1 day ago by SAP News

Digital Leaders: Navigators in a Complex World

Feature Article — Today’s technology-driven world is undeniably complex. This complexity is reflected in many aspects of our society, from cultural shifts to ethical issues resulting from the advance of...

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1 day ago by Bernd Leukert

SAP Code Challenge for iOS Enterprise Apps: Build a Great iOS Enterprise App in Just Six Hours

Feature Article — Businesses are increasingly looking to enterprise mobility as an integral part of their digital transformation strategy. Many are even implementing a mobile-first approach for pivotal...

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2 days ago by Jacqueline Prause Hot Story

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HR, Globalization, and Localization: More than Meets the Eye?

Radiocasts — The buzz: “We live in a global village. No country can live in isolation of others like Robinson Crusoe.” (Li Keqiang) The new reality for...

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