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SAP Wins Record Five Glassdoor Employee’s Choice Awards

December 6, 2017 by Robin Dagostino 926 Hot Story

Feature Article — In the 10th annual Glassdoor Employee’s Choice Awards, SAP has set a new record, receiving the maximum of five Glassdoor awards in major markets. In the...

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What Is Quantum Computing?

Feature Article — Quantum computers are expected to become the next big technological development. But how does the technology work? And what are the benefits? Whether it’s a...

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4 hours ago by Claudio Brecht 9

SAP Announces Extended Collaborative Planning

Newsbyte — WALLDORF — SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announced additional planning capabilities for SAP Integrated Business Planning, its cloud-based solution for sales and operations planning, demand...

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6 hours ago by SAP News 2

2018 Predictions, Pt. 2: Tele-Healthcare, Remote-Control Cars with Bedside Manners, and the Journey to Mars

Feature Article — Wellness starts at home, say the experts. If you agree, would you enroll in a tele-health program or remote monitoring from your healthcare provider? If...

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6 hours ago by Jacqueline Prause 13

New Releases of SAP Transportation Management and SAP Extended Warehouse Management Deliver Enhanced Digital Logistics

Newsbyte — WALLDORF — SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announced new capabilities in transportation and warehouse management that will help customers seamlessly operate their logistics processes and...

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6 hours ago by SAP News 15

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HR, Globalization, and Localization: More than Meets the Eye?

Radiocasts — The buzz: “We live in a global village. No country can live in isolation of others like Robinson Crusoe.” (Li Keqiang) The new reality for...

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