Throughout a project, numerous design and implementation decisions are made. To make appropriate and effective decisions, all involved parties must fully understand the project’s strategic importance, its business objectives, and its key success criteria. These aspects should be defined in the business case and tracked throughout the project as well as after going live with the software to make sure the solution meets the business requirements. This tracking also helps determine whether changes proposed to the project scope – whether big or small – are justified by the business value they may add. The business case for the investment should be clearly understood by implementation partners.

Ondo State Government from Nigeria clearly showed great evidence of this quality principle through their charter for “Project Ondo SIFMIS”. The vision for the project was identified early, business values were documented and entrenched through all project communications and most importantly there was continuous monitoring of the business value realisation. For this reason, they were one of the winners in the 2018 SAP Africa Quality Awards.