SAP Quality Principle 4: Ensure Timely Delivery and Effective Tracking


Principle 4: Ensure timely delivery and effective tracking

Ascertain that the available resources and time­line are sufficient to complete the deliverables at the agreed-on level of quality. All parties must be aware of and commit to the project schedule and critical path to avoid impact­ing the overall timeline. Any subsequent adjust­ments made to project scope or timeline must be considered, first, in light of business impact and, second, as to whether they are realistic, relevant, and acceptable. Activities and tools must be in place to monitor time, budget, and deliverables. Key performance indicators for the project should be tracked closely and visible to all stakeholders.

AECI won silver in the SAP Africa 2019 Quality Awards. To manage principle 4, the project implemented a standard SuccessFactors deployment with a set number of business rules, standard roles and business processes. This approach allowed for scope and timeline management. Any deviation from standard had to be pre-approved which resulted in limited deviation of standard processes. Read more about their journey in “AECI Chooses SAP to Mine for Talent Gold”.