SAP Quality Principle 5: Staff Project with Sufficient, Competent and Motivated People


Staff your project with sufficient resources to ensure the project is completed on time. Secure and retain resources for the project duration by carefully recruiting your project staff and select­ing a partner who will provide you with the right mix of skills and experience. Partners should be selected based on their proven ability to deliver on every aspect of the project from both a technical and business perspective. Train team members early so they understand the technical and func­tional context in which they are working, what design possibilities are open to them in that con­text, and the impact of their decisions. Through­out the implementation, review on a regular basis the skills and competencies of the implementation team members as well as time allocation to verify that they continue to meet project requirements. Address these when they are inadequate. Team motivation should be assessed and revitalized regularly, with special attention given to members working remotely.

Knowing the importance of this principle, RCL Foods noted the following in their nomination for the 2019 SAP Africa Quality Awards:

“Equally the best business resources were selected from the key business functions and appointed as the Business Process Leads. The Business Process Leads were supported by the IT Leads (Business Analysts), each of whom has extensive functional and business process knowledge, and all of whom have been involved in one or more of the major ERP projects that RCL FOODS had undertaken over the last 7 years. This rich mix of skills and experience of key project resources was one of the key contributors to the overall success of the project.” Project Siqalo won silver in the Business Transformation category.