SAP Quality Principle 6: Apply Appropriate Methodology and Plan for Quality


Principle 6: Apply appropriate methodology and plan for quality

Methodologies and guidelines must be agreed on. A proven implementation methodology contributes significantly to project success, but it must be suitable for the specific project and its solution scope. A methodology backed by industry-recognized project management training and certification increases the degree of professionalism and efficiency with which the implementation is managed.

Everyone must work according to the same quality standards and understand the review methods and criteria to be used to measure the quality of project deliverables. If a project is critical or larger in scope, a dedicated quality manager role may be created.

A quality plan can serve as a neutral framework for helping ensure that quality is built into a project from the very start as well as for evaluating the deliverables against the agreed-on standards. In later stages of the project, during rollouts, and in future implementation projects, the quality plan can be used to leverage lessons learned.

In the Mukwano Industries Limited’s nomination for the 2019 SAP Africa Quality Awards, this principle was really well documented. The Mukwano team explained this principle by breaking it down into different areas:

• Partner Quality
• Project Quality/Methodology
• IT Infrastructure Quality
• Process Quality
• Development and Configuration Quality
• Testing Quality
• Data Quality

This certainly gave them an advantage and eventually made them a winner! Read more about their journey to success in the article “Mukwano Industries Reaps Benefits of Cloud Transformation”.