The trend for having an efficient Enterprise Resource Planning Platform in organization is increasing day by day. Not that this trend has been influenced by some emerging companies but, leaders are realizing the need to have the same in their organization. The benefits of having an ERP are not hidden and every forward looking business wants to leverage the streamlined management and optimized workflow using ERP systems.

Like every industry, the Food and Beverage industry is no different and leaders from this domain too want to incorporate this next-gen technology in the organization. However, like no-one-size-fits-all, and every industry has its own set of needs, requirements and expectations, the food and beverage industry too has its unique expected traits from the efficient ERP system.

What are these traits? Let’s dig out deep in this domain and find out what are the special features and modules in the ERP system that attract the food and beverage industry leaders.

1. Formulation Management
This is probably the main area of focus in the Food and Beverage Industry. The formulation of any consumable item not just defines the taste of the product but also, the shelf life, nutrition value and the storage conditions of the product. Also, as per the changing environmental and weather conditions in the location where the food item is being supplied, the ingredients have to be altered and the packing needs to be reviewed as and when needed.

Thus, an efficient Food and Beverage ERP is the one that can efficiently manage the complete details related to formulation of the item, shelf life of the product based on the ingredients used, should be adaptable to change in the formulation strategies and should suggest the potential alternatives to the conventional ingredients used.

2.Inventory Control

In order to produce the desired quality of product, there has to be enough arrangements of storing the raw materials in the safe environment such that none of the ingredients loses its freshness and the nutritional content before taking it forward for the production.

Also, to ensure the same, there are several factors that are considered while storing, for example, consuming the ingredients whose shelf life is approaching first and then followed by should be the ingredients with a longer shelf life. This is ensured by the ERP that has an efficient capability for inventory control and management and along with the same a feature called Bill of Material (BOM) that regulates the storing arrangement and order of consumption of the items.

3. Quality

It is the most important part of manufacturing food items. Not just quality products build trust among the consumers for the brand, but also open new opportunities for sales and profits. Thus, an efficient F&B ERP is expected to regulate frequent quality control audits of the products at every stage of production from ingredients to final end-product. Also, the ERP should be well updated with the Food regulations and norms of the various locations where the product is being supplied and should ensure that the product is compliant to those regulations.

4.Planning and Scheduling

A successful manufacturing unit is one that is able to streamline the production process with optimized planning and scheduling of the ingredients and machinery involved in the process. Thus, an efficient F&B should be able to consider this feature as well and should be able to ensure that all the necessary things involved in the process are ready, the ingredients, the production belts, the supplying vendors, etc. Also, it should be able to adapt to the on-demand and random changes that occur while manufacturing the item.

5.Reporting and Forecasting

This last feature listed in this list is important not to ensure the current well being of the business but also, the futuristic health of the organization. An efficient ERP should be able to predict futuristic analysis in the reports so as to empower leaders to make strategic decisions for the growth and success of their organization.

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This article first appeared on Nairaland.com.