SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announced a new service package that helps enterprises develop sustainability data to drive efficiency and operational responsibility. The sustainability service package reimagines business operations and organizational decision-making by applying a sustainability perspective to the value-creation process.

The new service package supports customers with a structured, easy-to-consume approach to achieving a sustainable business. It includes an overview of the SAP® product and services portfolio and enables customers to align their processes and business needs to create an innovation or implementation road map. The package provides analysis and reporting tools, which provide greater visibility into key indicators, such as resource consumption, sustainable product development and worker safety.

Enterprises will be able to apply environmental considerations to business processes for zero-waste resource consumption. They will be also able to implement parallel accounting of financial and sustainable gains while measuring environmental impact. Companies have the option of working with SAP experts to create road maps and implement eco-relevant functionalities in their business systems. Benefits of using the sustainability reporting these services offer include allowing a company to choose an indicator, such as CO2 generation, and use that information as a benchmark to start its journey to becoming greener.

“The world is changing,” said Stefan Luckert, head, Services Sustainability Solutions, SAP. “We want to offer holistic solutions that support businesses wherever they are along their journey to sustainable business.”

Consumers are shifting to more sustainable products and services. Employees are focusing their career choices on responsible employers. Investors are increasingly considering and integrating environmental risk and social data into their investment decisions. As a result, executives around the world are making sustainability a strategic priority. The sustainability service package from SAP allows enterprises to become purpose-driven and resource-sensitive faster and in a smarter way.

The sustainability service package is the next chapter in the ongoing story of SAP’s support for a greener, more resilient, safer future. By digitalizing the sustainability-related work companies do – and by helping more of them follow the path to sustainability – SAP is helping to transform the sustainability promises companies make today into the bedrock of the future.

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This article first appeared on the SAP Global News Center.