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What is SAP HANA 2? Nine Questions Answered

December 8, 2016 by Andreas Schmitz 1498 Hot Story

Feature Article — For SAP Chief Technology Officer Bernd Leukert, the evolution to SAP HANA 2 signifies “a new generation of SAP HANA.” Here, get the answers to...

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Youth in Action: Coding Latin America’s Future

Feature Article — Latin Code Week enabled 400 youth across the region to innovate and propose solutions for financial inclusion in their communities using SAP’s Build technology. Thalis...

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1 day ago by Mariana Guerrero, Camila Ceballos 4

3 Examples Where the Right Platform Can Improve User Experience

Video — More than 80% of businesses believe platforms will be the “glue” that brings organizations together in today’s digital age, according to a report recently issued...

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1 day ago by Angela Schuller 6

2017 Predictions, Pt. 1: Get Ready for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Blending, and a New Breed of Cyberattack

Feature Article — Will this be the year that artificial intelligence (AI) becomes so seamlessly connected in our lives as to trigger action at the speed-of-thought? Will you...

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1 day ago by Jacqueline Prause 17

Fossil’s Path to Personalization is Paved with Technology

Feature Article — Fossil Group is on a quest to build closer relationships with its customers and is leveraging technology to get there. “Our target audience is millennials...

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2 days ago by David Trites 65

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Future of Retail in 5 Years: Trends in the IoT Digital Age

Radiocasts — The buzz: “People are always going to go shopping.” (Philip Green, Chairman, Arcadia Group) “In five years, consumer electronics stores as we know them today...

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