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SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Powers Retailers Profitably Ahead of Fashionistas

May 22, 2017 by Susan Galer 242 Hot Story

Feature Article — Leading retailers are finding machine learning innovations tailor-made for fast fashion, providing data-driven insights to make sure they always have the top-selling clothing colors and...

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Meet the Co-CEO That Has Recycling Going Digital

Feature Article — For many people these days, walking a few extra steps to a recycling bin has become automatic. However, it’s still natural to be curious about...

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21 hours ago by Darren Hunter 11

How Game Theory is Taking Marketing to the Next Level

Feature Article — Marketing tactics tend to stick to a tried-and-tested principle: If you’re marketing something consumers don’t need to survive, target their emotions, rather than their logic....

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22 hours ago by Adam Winfield 11

Who Is Driving the Mobile Business Bandwagon?

Feature Article — Has there ever been a single piece of physical technology that redefined everyday life faster than the smartphone? I doubt it. According to studies, we...

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2 days ago by John Ward 8

How In-Memory Computing Is Revolutionizing ERP Sourcing in the Cloud

Feature Article — For decades, legacy ERP systems have acted like a big, sturdy umbrella that sheltered the data needed to manage the business, automate back offices, and...

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2 days ago by Andy Greig 13

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HR, Globalization, and Localization: More than Meets the Eye?

Radiocasts — The buzz: “We live in a global village. No country can live in isolation of others like Robinson Crusoe.” (Li Keqiang) The new reality for...

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