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SAP Steps Up: Working with Government to Make the World a Better Place

October 17, 2016 by Renata Pompeu-Pividal 663 Hot Story

Feature Article — In a series of meetings with world leaders, SAP CEO Bill McDermott is advocating partnership between governments and business leaders to help make the world...

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What’s Not to Love About Intelligent Apps?

Feature Article — Every so often, there’s a paradigm shift in information technology. Think of the transition from the command line to graphical user interfaces, the advent of...

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4 hours ago by Mark Gibbs 2

Knowledge Workspace Empowers Decision-Makers at #SAPTechEd 2016

Feature Article — What if companies could tear down application and departmental boundaries to quickly collaborate and tackle unexpected problems – at a moment’s notice? This is the...

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5 hours ago by Susan Galer 14

Beyond the Hashtags: #sconnect16 and #All4GIT

Feature Article — Even though women earn more than half of bachelor’s degrees in biological sciences, the percentage graduating with diplomas in computer sciences and math is much...

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1 day ago by Angela Schuller 11

Why Insurance Will Be Bigger — and Invisible — In 20 Years

Feature Article — You might want to take a mental snapshot of what insurance looks like, because children born today could make up the first generation that won’t...

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1 day ago by Derek Klobucher 3

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Diversity and Inclusion without Blame and Shame

Radiocasts — The buzz: “I’m gonna tell Mom on you.” Women remain under-represented in government, boards, C-suite and influential business roles – often due to unconscious bias. A...

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