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SAP Leonardo Center Opens in Paris to Support Companies’ Digital Transformations

June 23, 2017 by Paul Baur 603 Hot Story

Feature Article — On June 21 in Paris, SAP held its first official SAP Leonardo Center opening ceremony. “We are happy to announce the opening of our SAP...

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One Code Line, Many Options

Feature Article — Increasing amounts of data, complex yet inflexible business processes, heterogeneous IT landscapes with multiple software platforms and solutions – these challenges may sound familiar to...

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1 min ago by Bernd Leukert 0

How Three Industry Leaders Embrace Cloud Optimization

Feature Article — The need for speed has trumped the need for a picture-perfect IT environment; iterative design is now a premium. As a result of this shift,...

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22 hours ago by Pat Bakey 13

SolarCoin: How Blockchain is Incentivizing a 5,000 Gigawatt Quest to Save the Planet

Feature Article — A trip through the idyllic farmlands of Bavaria, in the south of Germany, is a testament to the enthusiasm here for solar energy, one of...

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1 day ago by Jacqueline Prause 10

Perception versus Reality: Conversational Computing

Feature Article — 1. Perception: It’s about consumers interacting with devices. Reality: What makes computing conversational isn’t the mode of input but how you engage an application and perform a...

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1 day ago by Dan Wellers, Fawn Fitter 8

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SAP Design Talks: How Design is Helping adidas Breathe New Life into Sportswear Classics

Feature Article — Already a popular magnet for SAP employees around the globe since 2015, the SAP Design Talks series recently made its Berlin debut. And, in another...

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