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SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management: 15 Questions Answered

November 23, 2015 by Andreas Schmitz 231 Hot Story

Feature Article — SAP recently launched the first big SAP S/4HANA release – SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management. It is the first to cover all lines of business. We...

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Empowering Kids to be Innovators Delivers Results

Feature Article — Design Thinking is a foundation of any successful, innovative company. It is a process for creating new and innovative ideas for solving problems, and can...

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2 days ago by Sam Yen 25

Innovation in Unexpected Places: A Conversation with David Kelley

Blog — It’s easy to think in terms of big brands — Apple, Microsoft, Nestle — when considering the work we do at SAP. Behind all of those brands, however, are real...

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4 days ago by Janaki Kumar 31

SAP Aces Corporate Equality Index for LGBT Inclusion

Feature Article — For the third year in a row, SAP earns 100 percent for its support of LGBT employees. It’s been a great year for the SAP...

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4 days ago by Robin Meyerhoff 22

Online Holiday Shopping: Businesses Stock up for Stellar Profits on Everything from Turkeys to Protein Powder

Feature Article — From chocolate, stuffed animals and Christmas ornaments, to snow plow services and road salt, goods and services posted this year on Ariba Discovery auger well for...

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4 days ago by Susan Galer 6

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Don’t Fence Me In: Performance in a 9-Box Grid

Radiocasts — The buzz: 3X3.  Ah, the infamous Human Resources nine-box grid. The end result of a larger talent management process, the grid is intended to plot...

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