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SAP Labs Network: The Art of Being Connected

January 16, 2017 by Paul Baur 919 Hot Story

Feature Article — With a global R&D footprint spanning 19 SAP Labs locations in 16 countries, SAP can attract the best talent and support the digitalization of its customer...

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Davos: Honey Melons Hang on Bitter Vines

Feature Article — Political, corporate, and academic leaders attending Davos this year debate globalization, digitization, income inequality and how to respond to the rise of populism. This year’s...

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6 hours ago by Paul Taylor 15

SAP and HPE Co-innovation Unleashes Data-Driven Transformation

Blog — Digital business has all too quickly become a generic buzz-phrase that obfuscates what’s actually a transformation unique to every organization. I blogged earlier about Gartner’s...

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7 hours ago by Susan Galer 13

Empathy: The Killer App for Artificial Intelligence

Feature Article — Artificial intelligence that reads and responds to our emotions is the killer app of the digital economy. It will make customers and employees happier—as long...

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7 hours ago by Markus Noga, Chandran Saravana, Stephanie Overby 19

What Is a Digital Ecosystem?

Feature Article — A “Data Space” is being created in Berlin; digital hubs and initial platforms throughout Germany are showing how digital ecosystems work. A breakthrough is imminent....

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3 days ago by Andreas Schmitz 60

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Future of Retail in 5 Years: Trends in the IoT Digital Age

Radiocasts — The buzz: “People are always going to go shopping.” (Philip Green, Chairman, Arcadia Group) “In five years, consumer electronics stores as we know them today...

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