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SAP Appoints Juergen Mueller as Chief Innovation Officer

July 22, 2016 by SAP News 347 Hot Story

Newsbyte — WALLDORF — SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announced that Juergen Mueller has been named chief innovation officer (CINO) effective immediately. In his new role he will drive...

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India Takes Next Digital Leap

Feature Article — “GST”: Three letters that spell dramatic change for India and for every company part of a supply chain in the world’s seventh largest economy. They...

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3 hours ago by Paul Baur 5

One Aspect of Climate Change Everyone Can Agree On

Feature Article — The topic of climate change has in many ways become as polarizing as politics and religion. It’s usually a good idea to avoid bringing it...

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6 hours ago by Darren Hunter 10

Fallout From the Brexit: How Will It Impact You?

Feature Article — The outcome of the Brexit referendum took the whole world by surprise. It was clear that the financial markets were not prepared. The global markets...

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7 hours ago by Robert Enslin 15

Does Organizational Flexibility and Contingent Work Mean the End Of Succession Planning?

Feature Article — Companies that use contingent workers across the organizational hierarchy – from manufacturing floor employees to a rent-a-CFO – are clearly trying to stay as agile...

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7 hours ago by Michael Rander 14

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