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SAP and Manchester City: Scoring Chances in the Cloud

August 21, 2017 by Isabelle Schumacher 343 Hot Story

Feature Article — Have you ever wondered where football commentators on TV get all their numbers and insights, be it on ball statistics, goals, passes, or defensive tactics?...

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FC Bayern Munich Goes All-In on Offense on a Global Playing Field

Feature Article — For Germany’s reigning soccer champion FC Bayern Munich, there’s no substitute for growing internationally – or for working with SAP. One Hour to Kickoff Within...

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1 min ago by Michael Zipf 0

The Hubris Behind the Hybris Logo

Feature Article — What are the traits of a memorable logo? The answer might vary depending on where you look and who you ask. But certainly, the most...

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46 mins ago by Tim Clark 3

Angelique Kerber Takes Over Twitter with #SAPAskAngie

Feature Article — Last week, SAP Brand Ambassador and WTA World No. 3 Angelique Kerber took part in an exclusive live Q&A through the @SAPSports Twitter account. Tennis...

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23 hours ago by Cara Miller 5 Hot Story

SAP Leonardo Community Backs Kiva Entrepreneurs in openSAP Partnership

Feature Article — “Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets,” Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci once said. True to inspiration, 21,000...

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1 day ago by Jacqueline Prause 77 Hot Story

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Three Big Trends to Help You Better Personalize Your Products

Feature Article — Manufacturers are under a lot of pressure to both speed up their supply chains and personalize their products. To make that happen, they will have to think differently about their processes -- using all kinds of data from across an expanding network -- and master three major trends in manufacturing.

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