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SAP TechEd 2016 Astounds and Disrupts

September 26, 2016 by Susan Galer 119 Hot Story

Feature Article — Not since Doc Brown blasted into the past through a time warp in the original film “Back to the Future” has the world seen the...

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IoT for Agribusiness: The Quadcopter Cowboys

Feature Article — Two software developers are combining their interests in drones and horseback riding to create IoT solutions for agribusinesses worldwide. Cattle farming has evolved since the...

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6 hours ago by Paul Baur 6

Advice from an IoT Expert: Three Things You Need to Know

Feature Article — In the race to go digital, most businesses today are considering Internet of Things projects. But there are still some key questions about impact, security...

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12 hours ago by Robin Meyerhoff 15

Virtuous Cycle of Diversity at SAP Generates up to $45M

Feature Article — Not long ago, SAP hired an external firm to conduct a study quantifying the results of employee engagement. What they found was a direct correlation...

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13 hours ago by Susan Galer 51 Hot Story

Soil Essentials: Simplifying and Centralizing Data in SAP Business One

Feature Article — For the past 15 years, Soil Essentials has been pushing the boundaries of innovative products and services to the UK’s agricultural industry. Working from an...

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15 hours ago by Iain Bate 20

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Making HR Strategic: Training Ecosystem Beyond Your 4 Walls

Radiocasts — The buzz: “Learning never exhausts the mind.” (Leonardo da Vinci) Your company probably does some employee training, even if only to mandate they read the...

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