SAP Co-Innovation Lab, Africa – Tshepo Mahloko Shares His Innovation Journey


Tshepo Mahloko heads up the SAP Co-Innovation Lab in Africa. He leads a team dedicated to developing groundbreaking applications for software and technology. Yet, it’s his inspiring journey to his career as a technologist that truly serves as a foundation for his current vision as a leader.

Growing up in South Africa, he began to hone his skills as an innovator from a young age, experimenting with ways to pair technological prowess with an unwavering passion for social good. He ultimately found early success applying his abilities by leading grassroots initiatives that employed technology to help alleviate poverty within his community.

These formative experiences helped mold his abilities as a problem solver while further reinforcing his ability to lead within a highly competitive field. So I invited him on the podcast to share his story, which began with the African way of innovation and how it led him to the global company SAP.

About Co-Innovation Lab for SAP

Have you ever wondered how many liters of water it takes to create one liter of mineral water? Or what happens when you have to stop a sugar mill because there is a shortage in the delivery of sugar cane? Can a repair centre safely retread a particular truck tire without impacting the tire warranty?

The SAP Co-Innovation Lab provisions and delivers co-innovation services and project environments from currently 16 locations worldwide. Each location uniquely reflects regional nuances while offering the same degree of professionalism and co-innovation experience.

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