Intelligent Sustainable Enterprises Top the Agenda at Gathering of Prominent European, Middle Eastern and African Business Leaders

Press Release

Inaugural SAP Signavio Business Process Transformation Forum, held in Monaco, highlighted the importance of business process management amid current and future global challenges


Photo caption (from left): Emmanuel Raptopoulos, President of SAP EMEA South, Hoda Mansour, EMEA South Head for SAP Signavio and Dr. Gero Decker, Co-General Manager, SAP Signavio, at the SAP Signavio Business Process Transformation Forum.

Methods and resources to harness disruption and innovate business processes in a sustainable way were major talking points as thought leaders and business visionaries from 15 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa gathered in Monaco for the SAP Signavio Business Process Transformation Forum held this month.

The inaugural forum organized by SAP Signavio included presentations on data-driven sustainability approaches to balance profit and planet; technological solutions to drive sustainability and growth; and business process excellence as a driver for success in an ever-changing world.

Emmanuel Raptopoulos, President of SAP’s Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA South) region, said, “We were delighted to welcome representatives from a vast range of industries and from such a diverse range of countries to the forum. EMEA South is a significant market for SAP and is at the forefront of innovation for business and cloud transformation.”

Explaining the purpose of the forum, Raptopoulos said, “This was an opportunity for our guests to network with some of the leading minds in business today. We discussed the accelerated pace of transformation, which touches virtually every sector, and how process insights can lead to higher automation, less error-prone and tighter processes, while removing “process waste”. This was a message of great resonance with our customers because they experienced a practical, hands-on approach. As customers of all sizes and industries seek to create a path from resilience to agility, this forum felt like a great platform to discuss agility in the context of the current business environment, while unfolding SAP’s and specifically SAP’s Signavio capabilities to address those challenges.”

Signavio was acquired by SAP in 2021 to complement its holistic process transformation solutions, creating an end-to-end business process transformation suite that helps companies to quickly understand, improve, transform and manage their business processes at scale.

SAP Signavio Co-General Manager, Dr. Gero Decker, one of Signavio’s founders in 2009, said, “During the forum, we discussed importance of finding a sustainable solution to manage the rapid pace and complexity of change required to stay successful. We believe the solution is in a business transformation where workflows, processes and decisions are driven by technology and data. This is the power of SAP Signavio; it enables companies to discover, understand, benchmark, improve, and transform all business processes, rapidly and at scale, so that they can orient themselves amid change. In short, rapid and comprehensive insights and adaptable business processes enable rapid responses and sustainable success in the market.”

The SAP representatives explained that SAP Signavio is an all-in-one, powerful, integrated and cloud-based platform that helps businesses to quickly realign their organizations and bring changes to life at an accelerated rate. The SAP Signavio Business Process Transformation Suite includes solutions for process insights, intelligence, management and governance, as well as a process collaboration hub to enable input from across the entire organization. Importantly, it also includes a journey modeler to operationalize customer, employee, and supplier experiences and improve them in the context of processes.

Summing up her experience as a panel moderator, speaker and co-organizer of the forum, Hoda Mansour, EMEA South Head for SAP Signavio, said, “The discussions and talking points we have heard over the past two days demonstrate that we are all facing the same challenges, regardless of country or industry. If we look at the unprecedented combination of events over the past two-and-a-half years, it is clear that the companies that managed to be resilient, remain competitive or thrive were those that could act in an agile manner and whose business processes were flexible, scalable and sustainable. SAP Signavio solutions enable companies to achieve sustainable excellence by continuously analysing, streamlining and improving all business processes to ensure agility, enhance relations with all stakeholders including employees and customers, and remain compliant with industry regulations and standards.”

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