What’s Next — SAP’s Mpho Matsitse on the Importance of Value Management

Photo by Lynette van der Bijl

Mpho Matsitse is the Head of Industry and Value Advisory at SAP Africa.

In his role, Matsitse leads a team of highly talented industry and value advisors across the SAP Africa region.

This high-performing team acts as trusted advisors to SAP Africa’s customers by offering a value-based engagement approach that helps customers advance their adoption of leading SAP technologies to unlock new business value.

Matsitse aims to use his ability as a business strategist to enable the successful growth of transformative organisations actively enacting positive change.

In this What’s Next interview, Matsitse explains what value management is and where the concept comes from.

He also unpacks why value management is a necessity for any organisation investing in technology.

Matsitse then discusses how businesses can engage with SAP’s value advisory services to help drive business transformation and achieve successful outcomes.

He motivates why businesses should use SAP’s value advisory services over those of its competitors and concludes by providing advice to those considering adopting a value management approach to business.

The full interview with Mpho Matsitse can be viewed below.

What's Next - SAP’s Mpho Matsitse on the importance of value management


What’s Next – SAP’s Mpho Matsitse on the importance of value management – YouTube