Colin Banks is the Industry and Customer Advisory Lead at SAP Africa, and Kwena Mabotja is the Global Director for Purpose and Sustainability Marketing and Solutions at SAP.

Banks has worked at SAP for over 10 years and is passionate about helping SAP customers drive innovation through the use of the latest technologies.

Mabotja is focused on cementing SAP’s commitment as an enabler and exemplar of purpose-growing awareness and scaling the impact of SAP’s purpose and sustainability offerings and initiatives.

In this episode of What’s Next, Banks and Mabotja discuss the importance of sustainability in the South African business space.

Banks begins the conversation by unpacking why South African businesses in particular should be concerned about climate change.

He then discusses the lack of appropriate legislation for how businesses handle climate change on the continent – noting that businesses that do not take climate change seriously face big challenges when trying to export their goods.

Mabotja explains how African businesses can begin their sustainability journeys so that they become responsible players in local and global markets.

She also unpacks the role that business leaders must play in leading efforts to build more sustainable organizations, and shares statistics in terms of how expectations are changing for these key stakeholders.

Banks then explains how SAP is a leading enabler of sustainability through its technology solutions, before Mabotja discusses what SAP is doing to reduce its own carbon footprint – both locally and internationally.

Both Banks and Mabotja close by outlining their three key takeaways that businesses should consider to accelerate their sustainability journeys.

The full interview with Colin Banks and Kwena Mabotja can be watched below.

What's Next - SAP experts on how South African businesses can speed up their sustainability journeys