Strategic partnership with SAP enables Jasara’s cloud-first approach, driving operational excellence and innovation

Jasara, a leading project management company and joint venture between Saudi Aramco, Public Investment Fund (PIF), and Jacobs, has announced a strategic partnership with SAP, a global leader in enterprise application software, to accelerate its digital transformation journey. As part of this transformation, Jasara is adopting a cloud-first strategy, deploying a suite of advanced SAP solutions on the public cloud, with RISE with SAP at its core.

RISE with SAP, SAP’s flagship cloud ERP solution, will serve as the foundation of this digital transformation. RISE with SAP simplifies the move to the cloud by providing a comprehensive offering that includes SAP S/4HANA Cloud, cloud infrastructure, and managed services, hence enabling companies to become more resilient, flexible, and capable of rapid growth, offering a simplified path to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise.

Building upon this core cloud foundation, Jasara will also implement a host of SAP cloud solutions including SAP Ariba for streamlined procurement, SAP SuccessFactors for enhanced HR operations and SAP Fieldglass for optimal external workforce management, thus transforming its business processes across these critical functions.

“Our partnership with SAP marks a significant milestone in our digital transformation journey,” said Mohammed AlMana, CEO and President of Jasara. “By deploying these advanced cloud solutions, we’re enhancing our business processes and decision-making capabilities. This transformation will empower us to fully utilize our data, increase our agility, and focus on driving further innovation, all while delivering superior value to our stakeholders and the Kingdom.”

The move to RISE with SAP also illustrates Jasara’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The cloud-based system reduces the need for on-site servers and hardware, thereby minimizing the company’s carbon footprint. This aligns with Jasara’s broader sustainability goals and its commitment to contribute to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Mohammed Alromaizan, SAP’s Vice President for Saudi Arabia, also expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership. “We are proud to partner with Jasara, a company that shares our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the development of local talent. Our advanced cloud solutions will provide Jasara with the tools they need to achieve their strategic objectives and contribute to the Kingdom’s ambitious digital transformation agenda.”

Jasara’s strategic decision to adopt a cloud-first strategy with SAP represents a significant step in its journey towards digital transformation. The adoption of these SAP advanced solutions will result in increased operational efficiency, improved decision-making capabilities, and a boost to Jasara’s competitive edge. This move is expected to strengthen Jasara’s position as a leader in the project management sector, delivering superior value to its clients, employees, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This article first appeared here: جريدة عالم رقمي | Jasara Taps SAP Cloud Solutions to Accelerate Digital Transformation (alamrakamy.com)