National Bank of Greece Chooses SAP SuccessFactors to Drive Innovation and Exceptional Employee Experience

Press Release

ATHENS — In line with its growth strategy, National Bank of Greece (NBG) recently chose SAP SuccessFactors solutions to drive its HR transformation.

“At National Bank of Greece our people have always been at the center of our business strategy – therefore, as an organization, we prioritized the transformation of our HR function in order to drive innovation and flexibility, while improving operational efficiencies and providing exceptional employee experiences and engagement”, said Evi Hatzioannou, the National Bank of Greece’s CHRO.

At the heart of the transformation of NBG’s HR IT landscape is the installation of a new HR “core” system to allow for better talent identification, design of customized learning and development opportunities and – more broadly – the modernization of HR processes to better and more efficiently serve the bank’s more than 6.500 employees.

With the support of Deloitte Greece, particularly through its Human Capital division as an integral part of its Consulting services, a SaaS partner, with a track record of successful collaboration with the Bank, NBG adopted SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, Performance & Goals, Recruiting, Onboarding, Succession & Development and Learning modules, all within only 18 months.  SAP SuccessFactors was selected for this ambitious project due to its simplicity in data hosting, continuous access to worldwide best practices, and the fact that its solutions are well-integrated.  Also, due to its Cloud infrastructure, NBG ensures continuous HR practice innovation for its workforce in a smooth and consistent manner, while the Bank’s IT function does not have to focus resources on strenuous technical implementations, but can instead prioritize activities that generate new value for the Bank.

The first major benefits of the new system are already visible, as adoption and transition from legacy systems has been seamless, increasing reporting transparency and significantly reducing data processing effort and times.  Meanwhile, HR processes have been simplified and process performance enhanced.

“We’ve seen numerous efficiency benefits from our new SAP SuccessFactors solutions”, said Konstantinos Nakos, Director, Group HR Strategy & Organizational Effectiveness at the National Bank of Greece.  “Sometimes, these are the result of many small changes that, nonetheless, amalgamate to make a great difference in terms of time and cost. This allows us to effectively redeploy our resources towards more value-adding HR activities.  In parallel, we are gradually redefining the employee experience, understanding our people’s needs and wants so that we can create an environment where they feel connected, supported and empowered”.

“SAP SuccessFactors replaced various legacy HR systems in NBG, simplifying its IT infrastructure. Its SaaS delivery model has reduced deployment time, IT support and maintenance costs, while it has offered the scalability and flexibility required in a rapidly changing business environment. In addition, SAP SuccessFactors meets the high security and compliance standards required for the banking sector” commented Zoe Delaki, Group Business IT Applications Division Director, National Bank of Greece.

“At Deloitte, we recognize the transformative power of technology in revolutionizing HR processes. Leveraging SAP tools in our partnership with the National Bank of Greece, we have redefined the way we empower human resources. Together, we are shaping a future where HR strategies and digital innovation converge, empowering organizations to thrive in the era of intelligent HR management. We are more than delighted about this partnership”, said Yiorgos Fragkos, Partner, Consulting, Human Capital Leader at Deloitte Greece.

“We are delighted to be a partner of the National Bank of Greece in this HR transformation project.  We are reimagining together how the organization manages and develops its people to meet the emerging demands of the future of work,” commented Andreas Xirocostas, Managing Director, SAP Greece, Cyprus and Malta. “When people have the opportunity to work on what they’re passionate about, they are more engaged, perform at a higher level, and push the organization to deliver significant business results.”